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In the film Chronicle, at a couple of points in the movie, Andrew will heavily use his powers or be under great stress. This seems to trigger nosebleeds in Matt and Steve, although neither of them are using their powers. How did this cause nosebleeds? Usually nosebleeds were only triggered when they themselves were over-exerting their powers.

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I can't help it.. I instantly flash on Alia, Lady Jessica and others suddenly having not-very believable nose-bleeds when Paul tries the Water of Life in Lynch's version of Dune. (In the book no one knew what he had done; Jessica & Chandi figured it out a week or so later, with him in a coma.) Possible they same thing; pointless, but dramatic and pointing to some underlying connection. – K-H-W Feb 2 '12 at 20:05
I just watched the movie over the weekend, and I came here with the exact same question. – Beofett Feb 20 '12 at 15:42
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I believe all three had a telepathic bond with one another as their powers grew. Like how Steve knew exactly where Andrew was, knowing there was something wrong with him. What really had me thinking was that maybe these powers they draw on come from a shared source that they all eventually start feeling the effects of no matter who is exerting their power, such as Matt waking up with a terrible headache and nosebleed while stuff with Andrew was going on somewhere else. And finally when Matt knew something was terribly wrong with Andrew when he was in the hospital.

I really hope this doesn't turn into a superhero type series, I really liked how dark this was giving the feeling that the use of their powers were neither good nor bad. Makes for a good psychological thriller..

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I think that Andrew was physically weaker than Matt and Steve, so when they obtained powers he emotionally grew stronger than them.

In my opinion Steve was always strongest, because he was always one step ahead. For example:

  • In the film he moved a car before Matt and Andrew,
  • He started flying before them,
  • He was closer when they were in the hole the Crystal pushed them out. (Unlike Matt and Andrew his nose started to bleed but Matt and Andrew were pushed also).
  • Steve and Andrew telepathically connected before Matt did to Andrew.

So I think Steve and Andrew were stronger than Matt.

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They were telepathic and they said that in the movie and so they have full strength of the brain so they can move objects to fly they just move themselves so they can fly they also can use it as a way to read minds and find other people with the power it tells them when one of them is in danger when there noise bleeds so also it can be used for physical stuff that's how Andrew lifted his dad with one arm then threw him and also how when Andrew was in the hospital and his dad punched/hit he blocked it also the power can be used as a barrier that's how the fork didn't heart him.

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and they had telekinesis – Tai Nov 19 '12 at 17:37
This doesn't answer the question. – Kyle Jones Nov 19 '12 at 18:00

because andrew drained some of their power thats why in the end matt got his finger shot off because he didnt have enough energy to stop it and andrew is stronger because of he had his camera when they got there powers

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