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Constable Zuvio has his own page on and Wookieepedia and even a Black Series toy.

enter image description here

Was Constable Zuvio even in The Force Awakens?

If so, when did he show up and what did he do?

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why the downvote? – RedCaio Jan 10 at 5:02
This guy is like the Toad of toy stores: "thank you, but our Stormtroopers are in another castle!". – DaaaahWhoosh Jan 10 at 18:10
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He was supposed to be in it, but his scene was cut at some point.

The canonical Star Wars Database claims he appears in the film:

Constable Zuvio

What’s an honorable Kyuzo like Constable Zuvio doing on a lawless planet like Jakku? The tough, taciturn Zuvio is the leader of Niima Outpost’s small militia, and keeps a wary yellow eye out for cheats, thieves and others bent on trouble. He is often found guarding Niima’s landing field, glowering at any local who strays too close to a visitor’s starship.

Appearances: Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens

So he definitely exists in canon. He also has a canon novel (High Noon on Jakku, part of the TFA series) devoted to him, and he's also shown in the Visual Dictionary:

enter image description here

According to this article, he was going to have a scene in the film, but it was deleted:

The scene in which Contable Zuvio was to appear in the film would have taken place right after the thugs attack Rey in an attempt to abduct BB-8. From what I’ve heard, local peacekeeper Constable Zuvio “steps in to break up the tussle.” After settling the issue with the Constable, Rey heads back to her dwelling, “keenly aware that the dastardly Unkar would like nothing better than to get his hands on her new droid.” From what gleam, the moment with the thugs plays out differently in the film as originally Finn (FN-2187) had not yet escaped from the First Order at that point. BB-8 recognizing Finn originally happened the next day.

He also doesn't get mentioned in the official novelisation.

The good Constable must be somewhat pissed off about all this:

enter image description here

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I'm surprised they didn't just throw him in the background with the rest of the random aliens around Unkar's place. – CreationEdge Jan 10 at 2:53
The aptly named Sir-not-appearing-in-this-film... Now we have his photo and he's an alien! – Deer Hunter Jan 10 at 7:29
Perhaps he's lurking in the background somewhere. We'll have to wait until the DVD comes out. – maguirenumber6 Jan 10 at 10:30

No, he was not in the theatrical release of the film.

The scene that he was in was deleted

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How do we know? – CreationEdge Jan 10 at 2:49
Did I win this time? </ninja> ;-)) – Rand al'Thor Jan 10 at 2:51
@CreationEdge - because it wasn't in the film. There was some speculation that he was the "warrior" killed by a lightsaber in Rey's vision, but the script didn't identify him as such and neither did the novelizaton - and obviously, Kylo Ren only killed 1 person on Jakku with lightsaber – DVK-in-exile Jan 10 at 2:51
@randal'thor - nope I posted mine 1 minute (or even less) before you edited yours to reflect he wasn't in the movie. Sorry. Yours is way better than mine though :) +1 – DVK-in-exile Jan 10 at 2:52
@randal'thor curiosity question: what do people mean when they use a random word (like "ninja") inside of "</ >"? What does using </> mean in that kind of context? – RedCaio Mar 2 at 4:06

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