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In 1977-78 i bought a sci fi paperback, I remember titled "Planet of the Gworfs"( or perhaps planet of the "Gwarfs") The cover featured your standard, over the top 70's sci fi cover painting with garish green colors, some kind of wolfman-looking creature and a large toad. It may have been a compendium, but I recall it being a short novel, approx 200-250 pages. Can anyone help me pinpoint this thing????

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A(n incrementally refined) Google Images search for

"planet of the" -apes cover -doctor -daleks

uncovered this:

Planet of the Gawfs by Steve Vance

The cover graphic looks a lot like what you describe: It contains

  • "garish green colors": the whole image has a greenish hue
  • "some kind of wolfman-looking creature": at least a guy with very thick facial hair
  • "a large toad": I'd have classified the humanoid as reptile-like, but your mileage may vary

According to this blogpost, the story first appeared in 1978.

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What is the downvote for? – O. R. Mapper Jan 11 at 23:21
Not my down vote... but it appears as if your search criteria lacks a certain amount of sincerity. – TGnat Jan 11 at 23:26
I think whoever downvoted you thought you were taking a crack at Doctor Who, probably not understanding you were just trying to filter out some of the noise. – Doug Warren Jan 11 at 23:28
@TGnat: What do you mean by "sincerity"? As usual with web searches, I started with one search term or phrase, and then gradually added or excluded additional terms, one by one, to filter away the false positives until I would spot a desirable result, and the cited set of search terms is simply what resulted from that process. I didn't think that needed explaining, but just in case that really was a reason for the downvote, I added a brief clarification to my answer. – O. R. Mapper Jan 12 at 0:12

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