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Which Harry Potter related writings has J K Rowling written (not counting the seven main books)?

I'm ideally looking for writings set in the Harry Potter world, not writings about the books. (i.e. The Tales of Beedle the Bard is good; an essay about her experiences with the fandom is not) I'm also only looking for writings that were published at one point in some form or another (be it online, in print, or even for a now defunct official fan club).

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Do you want just published works or all writings credited to her? – CreationEdge Jan 12 at 4:51
::looks at title of question:: what a tongue twister! – Thirsty Kitty Jan 12 at 7:36
@ThirstyKitty you're so right. Try saying "related writings has Rowling written" 5 times fast! lol – RedCaio Jan 12 at 7:40
@Mooz Maybe the reading order one, I don't know about the others. – ibid Jan 13 at 4:21
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Note: Many smaller tidbits (example) are not mentioned in this list. Lots of these can be found on Accio-Quote

Companion books

  • Quidditch Through The Ages
  • Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
  • The Tales of Beedle the Bard
  • Book of Spells (stories and descriptions were written by Rowling)
  • Book of Potions (stories and descriptions were written by Rowling)

Published on the old

Published on the old Pottermore

Published on the new Pottermore

Online Chats


Somewhat Canon works not written by Rowling:

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this came out today: – NKCampbell Jun 28 at 18:41
@NKCampbell - Pretty sure I already added that a few hours ago. – ibid Jun 28 at 18:42
ah missed it! good on ya! – NKCampbell Jun 28 at 18:44

Wikipedia's list for her publications is accurate:

Related works

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (supplement to the Harry Potter series) (1 March 2001)
  • Quidditch Through the Ages (supplement to the Harry Potter series) (1 March 2001)
  • The Tales of Beedle the Bard (supplement to the Harry Potter series) (4 December 2008)

Short stories

In addition to that, she writes the articles found on Pottermore, which not only adds background details to the Potterverse, but has also released information about events after the series. Not all content on the website is authored by her, however. For a more complete breakdown of her online and digital works, see @ibid's answer.

She is also a regular user of Twitter, and more than once has posted new Word of God canon through her tweets and not elsewhere.

Rowling has also been said to have written the story for the new Harry Potter play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but the story is also credited to Jack Thorne and John Tiffany. (Thanks to @JasonBaker for the reminder.)

She also wrote the screenplay, as mentioned by @DVK, for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them the movie, based loosely on the book (or more accurately, the character said to have written that book In-Universe, Newt Scamander).

A spin-off/prequel of the Harry Potter film series and directed by David Yates, the film was written by Rowling as her screenwriting debut. It is the first installment of a trilogy. Rowling produced the film alongside David Heyman, Steve Kloves, and Lionel Wigram.

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Some here speculated that post-reboot Pottermore isn't written by her. No proof either way, of course. – DVK-in-exile Jan 12 at 4:40
@DVK Without proof to the contrary, I'm happy to assume it's her. Although, considering her aptitude for contradicting herself, and her terrible maths ability, I'm not sure it would make a difference. – CreationEdge Jan 12 at 4:41
The quality seemed to have dropped significantly, and broadly. A somewhat subjective judgement, admittedly. – DVK-in-exile Jan 12 at 4:43
@DVK The two new pieces of writing marked as by her on the post-reboot Pottermore is by her, everything else there is Buzzfeed style top 10 lists and doesn't even resemble new canon. – ibid Jan 12 at 4:46

Apart from what is mentioned in @CreationEdge's answer, JK Rowling has recently completed a story that picks off from where the seventh book ends. This is called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and will be presented in the form of a play. You can check out more information here

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She didn't write the play. She was heavily involved with it, but it's not the same. – ibid Jan 12 at 4:49
@ibid She didn't write the script, but she's credited as having written a story that the script was based on – Jason Baker Jan 12 at 4:52

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