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As far as I know:

we only see them in one brief flashback.


enter image description here

Did they play any significant role off camera, or in a deleted scene perhaps?

Are they even still alive?

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Singing "We're knights of the Ren table, we dance whenever we're able", and hurting Kylo's feelings by gossiping behind his back – user568458 Jan 12 at 13:58
They’re just back home, Renning and such. – Paul D. Waite Jan 12 at 14:00
Continuing their endless, epic, ancient war with the Knights of Stimpy? – user568458 Jan 12 at 14:02
Ren is actually the company that makes the galaxy's finest rain gear. The "Knights of Ren" is a made up team for marketing purposes, much like The Swedish Bikini Team. The picture above is from one of their magazine ads. – Mohair Jan 12 at 14:18
@user568458 - I joined this stack exchange, just to upvote your comment....that was awesome! – HDave Jan 12 at 17:06
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At the end of the film, Supreme Leader Snoke instructs General Hux to find and return Kylo Ren so that Kylo

"...can complete his training."

Earlier in the film, Snoke calls Kylo the

"...Master of the Knights of Ren."

If Kylo still needs training and he is in command of the Knights of Ren, it is logical to conclude that the rest of them are also in training during the film's events.

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@DVK, I had assumed up until now that the Knights of Ren were all dark-force users. But looking at the picture, Kylo is the only one with a lightsaber ... perhaps they're not, which is why someone who hasn't yet completed training in the Force can be their Master? If they're just some sort of militant religious order, worshiping the Dark Side without actually being part of it, that might make more sense. – Harry Johnston Jan 12 at 21:10
@HarryJohnston For all we know, Ren and the others may have been more or less fresh in their training with Luke when they staged their mutiny. Ren may have jumped ahead to build himself a lightsaber when the others were not yet ready to. – Raphael Jan 13 at 7:00
The alternative explanation is, that Kylo's training is actually a management course. "Congratulations, Kylo Ren. You are now a being entirely of the dark side. I pronounce you to be a Master... of Business Administration" - Star Wars VIII: The Force Touches Base – user568458 Jan 13 at 10:01
You can also conclude that most of them are absolutely terrible. – Axelrod Jan 13 at 22:39
@DVK : Thanks, bud. :-) – Praxis Jan 14 at 22:33

Nobody knows. Expect this to be answered in one of the many future Star Wars-movies.

It does seem the organisation does not exist anymore at the time of TFA:

In Rey’s vision/flashback, we see Kylo Ren destroy Luke Skywalker’s new Jedi Academy with “the Knights of Ren.” But who is this organization? The only thing J.J. Abrams has said on record about the group is this:

He is a character who came to the name Kylo Ren when he joined a group called Knights of Ren.

Adam Driver gives a little more insight to the LATimes:

It was a group that existed before him, that he was a part of. Their place within everything is maybe more of a satellite group than I would say … This is really tricky.

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"This is really tricky" sounds like an actor struggling to answer a question when under strict orders to give nothing away – user568458 Jan 12 at 14:05
Those quotes don't say "the organization does not exist any more". Rather, it says that the "Knights of Ren" predate Kylo Ren. "existed before X" does not (strongly) imply they do not exist. "Iron weapons existed before the Iron age, they where just rare and/or brittle." as an example. – Yakk Jan 14 at 20:34
@Yakk I'm going by "It was a group". Of course, that might just be a poor choice of words by the actor. – BCdotWEB Jan 14 at 22:44
@BCdotWEB: I disagree and agree with Yakk. This doesn't look like it's meant to imply the Knights don't exist anymore. Do your careful parsing all you like, but when VIII comes out, you'll see. – ThePopMachine Jan 18 at 17:43

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