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Why didn't Voldemort, with his Death Eaters, attack Harry at the train station in Order of the Phoenix or in Half-Blood Prince? He could have easily outsmarted the wizards and witches there with the help of his Death Eaters, or he could have just disapparated after killing Harry.

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In the fifth part, Voldemort was doing his best to keep hidden, which makes things easier for him if no one believes he came back, and because of the history, he wanted to be the one who kills Harry. In that case, it would not have been very realistic of him to suddenly appear at the King's Cross, nor would he want his Death Eaters to do the job for him. Even at the end, surely it was not part of his plan to be seen by Fudge and the others.

In the sixth book, we can make some assumptions, especially based off of this part:

“Ah, Harry!” said Mrs. Weasley loudly, cutting across Fleur’s monologue. “Good, I wanted to explain about the security arrangements for the journey to Hogwarts tomorrow. We’ve got Ministry cars again, and there will be Aurors waiting at the station —”

“Is Tonks going to be there?” asked Harry, handing over his Quidditch things.

“No, I don’t think so, she’s been stationed somewhere else from what Arthur said.”

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 7: The Slug Club.

Given that, it's safe to believe that the travel to King's Cross as well as the station itself is being watched by a highly capable set of Aurors, again, which would be a very messy situation for even Voldemort and his friends to deal with. Hence the elaborate plan involving Dumbledore and such.

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A small correction. The cursed necklace wasn't meant for Harry. It was meant for Dumbledore. Draco Malfoy was given the job to kill Dumbledore by Voldemort. He tried to achieve it by Imperiusing Katie Bell into delivering the necklace to Dumbledore. The poisined mead that Slughorn accidentally fed Ron was again meant to be a gift for Dumbledore. Voldermort explicitly ordered all of his followers not to kill Harry since he(Voldemort) wanted to be the one to do it. – ʀᴇᴅ_ᴅᴇᴠɪʟ226 Jan 13 at 8:46
hmm hmm... Voldemort should have comparable skills to Dumbledore (if not equal), And Dumbledore could have undertook a whole army of Aurors single handedly. Couldn't Voldy have done the same? I am talking about6 part.. – prakhar londhe Jan 13 at 11:51
@prakharlondhe There's no evidence that Dumbledore could have taken on an army of Aurors, especially ones prepared to take him down. Also, if the battle had gone on more than 20 seconds, guess who'd show up to help. – deworde Jan 13 at 12:01
In OOTP, "I am ready to fight your aurors. And win Again, but you have already saw that you have been chasing the wrong person all the time....." Dumbledore to Fudge. – prakhar londhe Jan 13 at 12:05
red_devil226: Whoops, you're right, I must have gotten confused there. – HighVoltage Jan 13 at 19:30

It isn't clearly claimed, but I think that the most important places of magicians were protected some way (aurors, magic, maybe Dumbledore). Voldemort appears at the Ministry in the end of book V and we can see that it's dangerous for him too.

Anyway, many of the death eaters and their children are usually in King's Cross by the departure. It would be dangerous for them to start a fight there - and of course the attack would be obvious if these people were missing.

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What about when they were entering the station in the 6th part? – prakhar londhe Jan 13 at 11:51

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