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A recent comment exchange (here) got me thinking: are there any examples of non-wooden wand in canon? I always assumed it was the core of the wand itself that was being used in the channeling of magic, but I recall Ollivander mentioning something about the wood of the wand playing a part in how difficult a wand was to make.

Are there any examples of wands made of different materials than wood or, if not, does the wood itself play any part in the strength of the wand?

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what other materials? rock? bone? – Himarm Jan 13 at 19:43
@Himarm Yes. Or plastic, or anything else, for that matter! – Axelrod Jan 13 at 19:44
Good heavens, is that inspired by my comment? Wow, I feel all special right now. – Megha Jan 14 at 2:08
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I'll say yes, they must be made of wood. Because not even all trees can produce wood that can make wands.

Only a minority of trees can produce wand quality wood (just as a minority of humans can produce magic). It takes years of experience to tell which ones have the gift, although the job is made easier if Bowtruckles are found nesting in the leaves, as they never inhabit mundane trees. The following notes on various wand woods should be regarded very much as a starting point, for this is the study of a lifetime, and I continue to learn with every wand I make and match. pottermore article on wand woods

The article gives a breakdown of all the materials used to make wands and their various quirks and there is no mention of any non wooden material.

Furthermore, the pottermore article on wands states

Made from various kinds of wood, containing a core from substances such as dragon heartstring, unicorn hair or phoenix feather pottermore article on wands

Harry Potter Wikia has a list named wands. And they're all wooden.

Voldemort's wand (according to the above article) has a bone handle in the film.

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The Pottermore article is from Ollivander's notes. Other wandmakers may do things differently. – ibid Jan 13 at 20:04
@ibid Olivanders family have been making wands since 382 BC. You expect him to know, mention or dismiss other materials. There is nothing in canon to support a non wooden wand. – ATB Jan 13 at 20:08
He doesn't include Veela hair in his list of Wand Cores. – ibid Jan 13 at 20:33
@ibid he knows of it though, because he says he doesn't like using it in Goblet of Fire – ATB Jan 13 at 20:35
Exactly my point. The notes that he has on Pottermore only list the materials that he uses. – ibid Jan 13 at 20:37

From what we know about wands they include a case of wood, which contains a magical object at its core. The wood itself seems to be slightly magical, as wand wood bearing trees attract magical creatures. but its the combination between the wood and core that makes the wand.

I would speculate that certain other organic items could work for a wand casing, for example bones, filled with a magical core could possibly work. especially bones from a magical creature, like Dragon bones. However AFAIK in cannon we never have a non-wood example of a wand.

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There are definitely no non-wood wands in the books. In the films, Voldemort's looks like it's made of bone, but we are told in the books that it is made of yew. – ThruGog Jan 13 at 20:04

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