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In Attack of the Clones, Jango Fett kills Zam with a dart while Obi Wan holds her and Anakin interrogates her. Why wouldn't Jango Fett kill Obi Wan and Anakin, too? Wouldn't this be the logical thing to do for a cool blooded bounty hunter like Jango to end inevitable further investigation?

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Possibilities: 1. Killing two Jedi would make it a much bigger deal than killing a failed assassin, 2. Killing Jedi isn't very easy. Jango learned that the hard way when Mace Windu lopped off his head. – Wad Cheber Jan 15 at 6:14
The real question is why he used a hired assassin in the first place, instead of someone who's best plan didn't involve sneaking bugs in through a window. – Callum Bradbury Jan 15 at 11:00
@CallumBradbury What if the plan was for the Jedi to discover Kamino and receive their made-to-order army? Zem would be bait, and Jango will very uncharacteristically kill her with a weapon whose origins can be used to track him down. – thegreatjedi Jan 15 at 11:09
Jedi can deflect blaster bolts. Why would Jango assume he would be able to kill them, especially after they were aware of the danger? – Raphael Jan 15 at 16:02
Another question then is why didn't they sense the dart that killed Zem? – Kirby Jan 15 at 16:58
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It can actually be seen as part of the whole plot to destroy the Republic. If Jango had killed Obi-Wan Kenobi, then Obi-Wan would never have found Kamino and the clones, which was a trigger point for introducing them into the war and the ultimate instigation of Order 66.

Therefore the plan to destroy the Jedi and Republic from within would have failed/never come into action.

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I think the strongly implied assertion that Obi finding the clones was the lynchpin of destroying the republic, without which the whole plan would have failed, might need a bit of substantiation. Or in other words, I think you should be more explicit here in step two. – doppelgreener Jan 15 at 11:11
There does not seem to be any proof to this, but it is the only reasonable answer imo. Palpatine needs the Jedi to discover the clone AND droid armies or the war can't begin. This is achieved through Jango, who led them to both. As one of the galaxy's best bounty hunters, why would he use a Kaminoan saberdart unless he wishes to be found? – thegreatjedi Jan 15 at 11:12
@thegreatjedi: and another interesting point is that he was hanging out with the separatists and whoever ordered the clone army created to fight against the not yet existing separatists. There were not much people having that much insight of the plot. So why should he try to kill Padmé Amidala if not to push things forward. If we believe, he was just hired by the separatists to do that, why did he return to Kamino, just to return to the separatist’s base (leading Obi Wan to them) then, when his ordinary job wasn’t done… – Holger Jan 15 at 12:33
@thegreatjedi Note that Obi-wan wouldn't be able to trace the dart if he didn't happen to have a friend who's an expert on exotic weapons. The same with finding Kamino itself - it seems that many of the other Jedi would just give up when the computer says "Nope, not there." Of course, Xanatoing Obi-wan and Anakin (two very stubborn and not exactly traditional Jedi) to be in the position to investigate this was likely part of Sidiuses plan as well :) – Luaan Jan 15 at 13:29
@Luaan: let’s see it the other way round: since everything was planned to evolve that way, Darth Sidious must have had a plan, how to eventually reveal the existence of the army “for the republic” to the senate. Letting two Jedi doing investigations discover it, is a very plausible way. If they don’t find out that this is a weapon from Kamino themselves, some other lucky coincidence will happen… – Holger Jan 15 at 15:16

There is, to my recollection, no canon answer as to why jango did not kill Obi-Wan and Anakin (i.e. there is no material where Jango explicilty says why), but given the circumstances, a few assumptions can be made.

1. He wasn't paid to.

Jango Fett was hired to kill Padmé Amidala, not the two jedi. When his subcontractor (Zam Wessell) failed to do the deed, he decided to off her to remove all traces leading back to him. That was simply cleanup, not business.

2. Inconvenient

Killing two (or one for that matter) jedi would likely result in a, so to speak, crusade for his capture. The jedi wold likely go out in force to find the culprit. Hard to do business when a legion of space wizards is gunning for you.

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Number 2 is often portrayed in police/military type shows, when "one of our boys" is killed they open a huge manhunt. I've always wondered if the jedi would do the same, as vengeance is not their way. It would pose a pretty harsh dilemma: Protect the jedi order at the risk of losing a few jedi to the dark side, a hard decision to make.... – Kevin Jan 15 at 9:14
+1 for legion of space wizards – Cearon O'Flynn Jan 15 at 9:16
“…to remove all traces leading back to him” …using a weapon that allowed tracing back to him. – Holger Jan 15 at 12:21
Regarding #1: as a contractor never do more than what you are hired to do without being paid. No matter if you are a construction worker, a programmer or a political landscaper (with a blaster): never do more than what you are paid for. Doing so anyway makes you a schmuck. – Thomas Jacobs Jan 15 at 13:17
@Holger in all fairness, the dart didn't show up in the Jedi archives at all, it was an extreme coincidence that Obi-wan knew Dexter, who was one of the very few people able to trace its origin. – Matt Taylor Jan 15 at 14:53

As far as I know there isn't anything in canon which explains this, but one possibility nobody's mentioned yet is that Jango could only fire one shot before alerting the Jedi to his presence. After the first shot he lost the element of surprise. If he had used that first shot to kill Obi-Wan or Anakin instead of Zam, the remaining Jedi would likely have succeeded in interrogating her and learning Jango's identity. By silencing Zam instead, he succeeded in keeping his identity a secret, for the moment at least.

As for why he didn't try to kill Obi-Wan and Anakin in addition to Zam, without concern for the element of surprise, that's because he had no reason to think he could take on two Jedi and win. You'll note that later in the film even when faced with Obi-Wan, a single Jedi, on Kamino he tries to run rather than fight.

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This seems more logical than other answers to me. – Chad Carisch Jan 17 at 15:38

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