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In the final season of Angel, it is emphasized that "Wolfram" in the name of the law firm Wolfram & Hart is actually a portmanteau, and that the ancient founders of the firm were

the Wolf, the Ram, and the Hart.

Was this function of the name "Wolfram & Hart" planned from the beginning or was it retconned into the show's final season?

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I seem to remember around the end of season 2 (when they’re hanging out in Lorne’s dimension) that they find some somewhat-evil books there, with a wolf, a ram, and a hart on the cover. So at least the idea of the name corresponding to three animals was in the writer’s minds at that point. – Paul D. Waite Jan 29 at 16:44
@PaulD.Waite : Ah, that's interesting. I only remember it being spoken aloud in the final season by the demon-infused Fred. You should write an answer. :-) – Praxis Jan 29 at 16:45
Saw this question's title in HNQs, assumed it was about Wolfram Mathematica :-P – Rand al'Thor Jan 30 at 12:16
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In Season 2, the team visits Pylea where they encounter Covenant of Trombli Holy Books in the episode Through the Looking Glass.

It's very brief, but we see the holy books:

wolf ram


The team does notice the coincidence, but it isn't really spoken of again. From the transcript:

Gunn: "Like one of them priests the host was talking about. These books belong to them, right?"

Wesley closed the middle book and sees that it has the head of a male sheep engraved on its cover.

Cordy: "Well, yeah."

Gunn: "Look, you're the one going on and on about how you're the princess. Can't you just make them translate 'em for us?"

Wes closes the second book. It has a wolf's head on the cover.

Cordy: "I guess I could. Yeah. Why not? Princess, not really taking a vote, is she?"

Wes looks down at the images on the covers of the three books, rearranges their order.

Cordy: "I'll make a decree."

Gunn looks down as well: "Wolf - ram..."

Wesley: "And hart. - I'm not sure the priests can be trusted."

Whether or not it was a retcon at this point is unclear, since Wolfram & Hart first appears during the first season of the show, but the idea of Wolfram & Hart being a portmanteau was being established long before season 5.

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Nice work --- thanks. – Praxis Jan 29 at 16:55
This must be the kind of dialogue that gives translators for dubbed versions nightmares. – O. R. Mapper Jan 30 at 10:38

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