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Which characters in the Harry Potter films have been recast? As the same character being played by two different actors in different films.

Which characters from the Harry Potter films have been recast?

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Does that include using a different actor to play a character at a different age in flashbacks? – SQB Feb 9 at 8:36
Cause, Snape, HP, Hagrid, etc have childhood version actors for playing their flashbacks. – Dawny33 Feb 9 at 8:40
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They are 16 :

  1. Griphook : Verne Troyer -> Wawrick Davis enter image description here
  2. Lavender Brown : Jennifer Smith -> Jessie Cave enter image description here
  3. Elphias Doge : Peter Cartwright -> David Ryall enter image description here
  4. Katie Bell : Emily Dale -> Georgina Leonidas enter image description here
  5. Tom The Innkeeper : Derek Deadman -> Jim Tavare enter image description here
  6. The Fat Lady : Elizabeth Spriggs -> Dawn French enter image description here
  7. Marcus Flint : Scott Fern -> Jamie Yeates enter image description here
  8. Helena Ravenclaw : Nina Young -> Kelly Macdonald enter image description here
  9. Pansy Parkinson : Genevieve Gaunt -> Scarlett Byrne enter image description here
  10. Mafalda Hopkirk : Jessica Hynes -> Sophie Thompson enter image description here
  11. Professor Dumbledore : Richard Harris -> Michael Gambon enter image description here
  12. Voldemort : Richard Bremmer -> Ralph Fiennes (this cost Voldemort his nose) enter image description here
  13. Angelina Johnson : Danielle Tabor -> Tiana Benjamin enter image description here
  14. Padma Patil : Sharon Sandhu -> Afshan Azad enter image description here
  15. Parvati Patil : Sitara Shah -> Shefali Chowdhury enter image description here
  16. Alicia Spinnet : Leilah Sutherland -> Rochelle Douglas enter image description here

Special section for young Tom Riddle actors :

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Err... I am sure I am outing myself as a noob here, but why was it the re-cast that "cost Voldemort his nose"? – DevSolar Feb 9 at 12:03
@DevSolar I wrote it as a joke 'cause I'm not really sure about my source. But I remember something about too many differences between Bremmer and Fiennes, so they had to cut his nose. – Saphirel Feb 9 at 12:11
@Saphirel: Ah, ok... on research, turns out the book (GoF) indeed describes his nose as "flat as a snake’s with slits for nostrils". I just wondered if I had missed something. ;-) – DevSolar Feb 9 at 12:14
Filipe De Sousa and Pete Hooper have pointed out some more recastings. – ibid Feb 9 at 19:02
Comments are not for extended discussion; this conversation has been moved to chat. – Null Feb 9 at 19:10

Some recast roles and the actors are:

  1. Infant Harry Potter: Saunders Triplets
  2. Dumbledore: Michael Gambon, Richard Harris
  3. Rubeus Hagrid: Robbie Coltrane, Martin Bayfield (young version, CoS)
  4. Snape: Alan Rickman, Alec Hopkins(OotP), Benedict Clarke(DH)
  5. Lavender Brown: Jennifer Smith(PoA), Jessie Cave
  6. Angelina Johnson: Danielle Tabor, Tiana Benjamin(GoF)
  7. Ernie Macmillan: Louis Doyle, Jamie Marks (DH)
  8. Padma Patil: Sharon Sandhu(PoA), Afshan Azad
  9. Parvati Patil: Sitara Shah(PoA), Shefali Chowdhury
  10. Alicia Spinnet: Leilah Sutherland(PS), Rochelle Douglas(CoS)
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Robert Pattinson appeared as Cedric Diggory, who was recast for GoF. It doesn't look like the original actor for Cedric in PoA was identified. I've not been able to find a credit for Cedric in PoA, in the film credits or on IMDb. See his wiki page.

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Nice find, and a good first post. Welcome to scifi SE! Induction ceremony at midnight tonight. Bring a knife and a vial of blood! ;) – CHEESE Feb 9 at 17:17

Bill Weasley.

From :

Bill is portrayed by English actor Richard Fish in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson, son of Brendan Gleeson, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

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The only one I know is Albus Dumbledore, played by:

  • Richard Harris (films 1–2)
  • Michael Gambon (films 3-8)
  • Toby Regbo (playing the young Albus Dumbledore)

source Wikipedia

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