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At the celebration after the victory at Naboo, there is a Harry Potter-esque goblin standing next to Yoda. Who is this guy?

enter image description here

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What nice curtains... – Valorum Feb 14 at 15:47
I'm also wondering what you won the trophy for... – Valorum Feb 14 at 17:39
Wife picked the curtains and the award is for the eldest, star pupil last week. – ATB Feb 14 at 18:02
Pink Yoda. He's Pink Yoda. – Wad Cheber Feb 14 at 23:11
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This is Jedi Master Even Piell. The factbook "Ultimate Star Wars" identifies his species as being Lannik

He was present during several key decisions taken by the Council in the first two Star Wars films including Anakin's original testing by Mace Windu.

enter image description here

He also features in the Clone Wars cartoon TV series where he


enter image description here

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He also appears in episodes 62 to 64 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, where he is prisoner of the separatists and a team of Jedy is sent to try and free him. – lfurini Feb 14 at 13:15
Tel me more about these Jedy.... – Josh Schwarzzeskywalker Feb 14 at 16:55
@JoshSchwarzzeskywalker - Everyone's a cricket – Valorum Feb 14 at 17:38
How embarrassing ... I knew it looked strange written that way, but I couldn't see where the error was! :-) (I blame the dark side) – lfurini Feb 14 at 20:30
Is Jedy the plural of Jedi? – Azor-Ahai Feb 15 at 0:53

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