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If you cut Deadpool exactly in half, which half would regenerate and grow the rest of his body?

Or would both halves regenerate a complete Deadpool?

Has this happened in the comics? (I haven't had a chance to read them ALL).

Would this be a plausible way to 'clone' Deadpool?

Edit: I should also clarify that I'm talking about the possibility of him being split down the middle, not severed at the waist, which has happened in a comic and his legs simply grew back.

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How do you cut someone exactly in half? – Valorum Feb 17 at 11:39
See also "Out of two organic lumps of Wolverine, what decides which one would regenerate to full Wolverine?" – b_jonas Feb 17 at 11:42
@Richard Very carefully. – Mithrandir Feb 17 at 11:42
Both parts would regenerate and we had 2 Deadpools. Double the awesome. – apollo Feb 17 at 11:53
It's based on where the brain is IIRC. I do know there was a comic arc where he was killed, and there were 4 Deadpools for a brief period of time... – Vogie Feb 17 at 13:35

Deadpool - Volume 10: Evil Deadpool, Amazon

This comic answers your question :)

Would the real Wade Wilson please stand up? Deadpool returns to America, but he's not coming home alone! When a collection of Deadpool's discarded body parts meld to form an evil clone, the Merc With a Mouth faces off against himself for the crown of most hated former mercenary turned super hero turned pirate turned intergalactic bounty hunter. But their explosive confrontation brings the NYPD, Interpol and even Captain America bearing down on Deadpool, and he'll have to convince them all there's an even crazier, less principled version of himself on the loose!

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So, TL;DR, both of them? – FuzzyBoots Feb 17 at 13:39
Since this answer deals with multiple chunks fused together, i can't consider it an answer, although it is really interesting! – Jarad Ducroq Feb 17 at 14:03
Here we have parts who meld. But not regenerate. I don't think both halves will regenerate. I think the quantity to regenerate have to be less important than the existing parts... – Anthony de la Hoz Feb 17 at 14:07
@JaradDucroq Well... kinda... but if you cut him in half... twice... then the two "discarded" sides merge - assuming first one half regenerates and then the other leaving two opposite sides to then merge... (It'd be interesting to see two left sides merge together though) – WernerCD Feb 17 at 16:53

During the Dark Reign storyline Deadpool has a cross over with the Thunderbolts which ends with his head being cut off. Everyone is left to believe that this act would leave him dead as he would not be able to regenerate from this.

Blond woman: You want to keep head for trophy? Guy in suit: Do I look like a sentimentalist? Burn it and get back to work.

However, it is later found that he is alive and Deadpool credits it to Taskmaster having sewed his head back on his body sometime after the fact.

Deadpool showing the stitches around his neck to the audience, but speaking to Taskmaster: It took real stones for you ta come back and sew my head back on, and I want you to know I won't forget it.

Therefore, if split perfectly down the middle it's reasonable (for a comic?) to assume that Deadpool would not regenerate at all until his head and/or brain was brought back together to heal before any other body parts could regenerate.

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So you're saying that he would be incapable of regenerating unless his brain was in one whole piece? Wouldn't his head just have very slowly grown a new body if it was severed at the neck, seeing as his brain is in one piece? Also, in the movie SPOILER ALERT!! He is stabbed in the head, damaging his brain and he is able to regenerate this damage, so realistically, couldn't he just regen the missing half of his brain, if he was split in two? – Jarad Ducroq Feb 17 at 15:05
Yeah that seems to be the case. I believe earlier in this storyline he has another brain related injury and is shown having issues recovering until his brain has regenerated. – Matthew Green Feb 17 at 15:10
I suppose there are inconsistencies in regards to the way Deadpool recovers from brain injuries, likely down to the artistic direction of different authors and the movie director – Jarad Ducroq Feb 17 at 15:14
This is Deadpool we are talking about. Inconsistency is the name of the game. – Matthew Green Feb 17 at 15:58
Didnt he regenerate after being eaten by a LOT of Squirrels in a comic ? Or did I dream that he battled Squirrel Girl and Lost ? – Des Feb 17 at 23:29

This is derived from practically all the answers above. Please credit them with 99% of any credit this gets.

From all the various answers and from current knowledge of brain anatomy, it seems that the two halves of the brain are not identical, and they fulfill different functions. Direct communication between the two halves of the brain seem necessary to the regeneration process, and that is not enough. The head must be connected to the body (sew it back together?). Can we call it regeneration then? It seems more like resurrection or reanimation.

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I was watching a video that memories are not stored in the brain and they are just a series of electrical atoms traveling through your brain in a certain pattern and then that pattern occurs whenever you do the same thing. So Theoretically if you incinerated deadpool's brain he would forget everything about himself

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And how does this answer the question? – Rand al'Thor Mar 4 at 0:14

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