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In Pokémon, Ditto is a pink blob that you can use to transform into enemy Pokémon during battle. But can a Ditto transform into other things? For instance, can it transform into a person and impersonate them?

Code Pink! Ditto spy!

Full comic on creator's website

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"Everyone prepare your balls!" sounds awesome and fun out of context. – CodingFeles Feb 20 at 3:58
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Yes, and they do in the anime.

Duplica's Ditto, in Episode 37: Ditto's Mysterious Mansion, turns into pictures of people, and in the Professor Oak lecture below, it turns into Oak.

Ditto Portrait

Note: Ditto's beady eyes in this episode are originally said to be abnormal, and he later learns to transform perfectly. Due to its popularity, however, this abnormal transformation was retconned into being the norm.

Dittos are described as being able to reconstitute their cellular structure into the appearance of whatever they see -- be it organic or otherwise.

Furthermore, Duplica's Ditto, when impersonating Team Rocket's Meowth, showed the ability to speak. As Ditto normally can't talk, this means he lifted the ability from his taken form. That would mean, in turn, that a Ditto transformed into a human would similarly be capable of imitating speech. This, combined with their appearance, would allow near-perfect impersonation of people.

As jpmc26 stated in the comments, Transform changes the user's current type, current stats, current stat modifications, current moves, current species, and current cry to that of the target's as well. This establishes a basis for transformation into a person in-game, as well -- it just hasn't happened yet.

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Lifting the ability from the source form has some basis in game canon, too, since Transform gives Ditto the full type, stats, move set, etc. – jpmc26 Feb 19 at 20:43
@jpmc26 Added it. Thank you! – Axelrod Feb 19 at 23:31
Is there any evidence that Ditto gains the knowledge of the form he takes? IIRC, Meowth said at some point that he learned to speak. Does this mean that if Ditto takes on Oak's form, he has all the knowledge that Oak had? – Arc676 Feb 20 at 8:43
@Arc676 since he gains the moves of the Pokemon he copies, and most of those are learned, I would say yes. – Martin Epsz Feb 20 at 11:53

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