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In Star Trek: The Next Generation, which episode talks about "time warp" as a means of travel?

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Are you absolutely sure it was TNG? The Memory Alpha page on time warp doesn't mention any TNG episode. Maybe it was the TOS episode The Cage? – Rand al'Thor Feb 21 at 16:01
@randal'thor - That was my first thought - "Time Warp Factor 7" – Valorum Feb 21 at 18:37
Let's do the time warp again!! Sorry, I was channelling Rocky Horror. – Morgan Feb 22 at 22:06

There are no references to "time warp" in TNG. You may be confusing this with the Deep Space Nine episode "Little Green Men":

ROM: If we find a sufficiently powerful energy source, we should be able to trigger a temporal surge in the subspace continuum and recreate the same kind of time warp that brought us here in the first place.

Given the appearance of Worf in the episode and the proximity in time to TNG, it would be easy to confuse it for a TNG episode.

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As rand al'thor suggested in a comment, I suspect you are confusing TNG with the original series. In the pilot episode "The Cage" (transcript here), captain Pike at one point says "Our destination is the Talos star group. Our time warp factor seven." And later, a member of Pike's landing team named Tayler is talking to an Earthling who's been stranded on a distant planet for many years, and says "And you won't believe how fast you can get back. Well the time barrier's been broken. Our new ships can--" (his thought is interrupted by the sight of a beautiful woman). Finally, later in the episode Spock is the acting Captain, and he says "All decks prepare for hyperdrive. Time warp factor--" (he is interrupted by someone telling him the ship's controls have gone dead).

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