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In the Deadpool movie (2016), there's a betting system called the 'Dead Pool'. What are the names on the board, and are any of them references to the comics or other media?

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Good edit, I was just about to make it clearer regarding the references after reading the first answer – Oak Feb 26 at 19:49
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According to two sources, the names are, or include:

Shia LaBeouf [Actor]

Bill Cosby [Comedian]

Rob Liefeld [Deadpool creator]

Ryan Reynolds [Deadpool actor]

T.J. Miller [Weasel actor]

Mike Tyson [Boxer]

Ozzy Osbourne [Musician]

Vladimir Putin [Dictator]

Miley Cyrus [Entertainer]

Kanye West [Entertainer]

Lindsay Lohan [Actress]

Charlie Sheen [Actor]

A dead pool is a betting pool in which the wager is on who, among the proffered candidates, will die next. For a non monetary example, see The Rotten Dead Pool.

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+1 for "Vladimir Putin [Dictator]" – maguirenumber6 Feb 26 at 20:10
I tried to keep the editorializing to a minimum, but I couldn't resist. – Politank-Z Feb 26 at 21:08
@Politank-Z Clearly, with Lohan listed as an actress. – DCShannon Feb 27 at 2:51
@DCShannon Sheen and Miley too. Heck, I think it was mostly junkies or nutheads on that table – Oak Mar 14 at 19:59

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