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I just saw this on imgur, and while at first I didn't notice, image four shows Patrick Stewart in a Star Trek uniform with hair.

Patrick Stewart through the ages

When did that happen?

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See the BBC production of Taming of the Shrew from the 70s for a big curly mop on that jolly Scotsman. Or Dune for the "bald/mullet". – luser droog Feb 28 at 0:58

It happened in Season 5 Episode 12 Violations

Patrick Stuart with hair

In this episode, a member of an alien delegation traveling on the USS Enterprise molests members of the crew using telepathy.


The hair appears in a flashback according to Memory Alpha.

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Your answer seems perfectly correct. I only would like to add, that if I'm not mistaken, then photo shown by you in the question (second to the right) does not actually comes from any ST episode, but from an initial cast-shootings. It would then lead us to a conclusion, that above presented (in answer) picture may present Patrick Stewart with fake hairs. If I'm not mistaken... – trejder Feb 27 at 18:31
BOTH pictures present him with fake hair. Initially, the producers didn't want a bald captain, so they issued Patrick Stewart a toupee. I don't know when, why and how this idea changed. – Ray Feb 27 at 18:59
@ray ate you sure about that? – AncientSwordRage Feb 27 at 20:56
@Ray Assuming that's correct, it's amazing how initially wrong the producers were. It's good that they (or others) recognized their poor judgement and were willing to correct it. – RockPaperLizard Feb 28 at 1:08
If anybody is interested, a follow-up to the fake-hair-audition point was asked here. – Jason C Feb 28 at 1:26

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