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In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday, I wanted to make a Star Wars version of the famous phrase:

One fish
Two fish
Red fish
Blue fish

enter image description here

"Sith" kind of sounds like "fish", so I've got

One Sith (Vader)
Two Sith (Sidious and Vader)
Red Sith (Darth Maul)
Blue Sith (?)

A "Red Sith" would probably be Darth Maul, but I can't think of a "Blue Sith". Canon is prefered but Legends is OK too.

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The legends race called the Bith were blue in color, and aligned with the empire. In SWTOR legends some were sith. – Hatandboots Mar 3 at 3:29
Here's what I went with to create my tribute (I hope this link works): – RedCaio Mar 3 at 4:08
Nice! There isn't really a well known blue sith. There are some in the legends though. Also I meant to say Chiss not Bith. – Hatandboots Mar 3 at 4:42
So this exists and this – CreationEdge Mar 3 at 4:58
For One Sith you could use another one, e.g. Plagueis, Tyrannus etc. – Zommuter Mar 3 at 8:33
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You can always go with Sidious' hologram. It's canon.

enter image description here

You could also use Maul's hologram. That would be even funnier since the red and blue Sith would be the same person.

enter image description here

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If you're including pictures, the hologram of Darth Maul would work well right after the picture of regular Darth Maul. – DCShannon Mar 3 at 19:53

In Legends, Darth Ruin is blue.

enter image description here
Picture from Book of Sith: Secrets from the Dark Side

enter image description here
Picture from Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force

And of course, Anakin was a Sith, and when he became a Force-ghost, he was blue.

enter image description here

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Sadly that image of Anakin is legends :/ – Oak Mar 3 at 1:26
@Oak I put that in the same category of canon as I put "Han shot second". Which is to say, I don't :) – Jane S Mar 4 at 6:31

Sev'rance Tann and Kung'urama'nuruodo are Chiss force-users. Chiss' appearance is basically human, but with blue skin.

The former was a "Dark Acolyte" under Count Dooku. I believe she's only found in the 2012 RTS Galactic Battlegrounds.

The latter was trained as a Jedi, and appeared in the Secret Missions Comics, and a Clone Wars comic released for Free Comic Book day in 2011. So I believe both "Legends" (but post-Lucas recent ones).

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I already made this a few years ago. Blue Sith is Asajj Ventress, Dooku's Apprentice.
One Sith, Two Sith, Red Sith, Blue Sith by jamesramos on DeviantArt

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[One Sith, Two Sith, Red Sith, Blue Sith by James Ramos] <img>… <img> – user64680 Apr 13 at 10:04
Ventress is more white than blue and she isn't a true Sith. – Rogue Jedi Apr 13 at 10:26
Well, she's the best KNOWN option. The only reason she wasn't "True Sith" is simply because of the rule of two. Had Sidious died she'd be True. Also, if you want to go there, Maul isn't Sith either, and/or neither is Dooku since Maul survived and they both were alive at the same time. Anyway, I'm a big fan and made this for fun. sorry if you don't enjoy it. – user64680 Apr 14 at 3:32

Now when you say blue sith, do you mean using a blue lighsaber? If that is the case, then Darth Vader did use a blue lighsaber until Obi Wan defeated him in Episode III, then he got a red lightsaber.

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Welcome to the site Evan! You post is a bit of a stretch but I guess technically it's an answer. :) Check out the tour and the help center for more info on how this site works. :) – RedCaio Jun 18 at 22:11

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