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Sorry for troubling you guys, but I just have to know.. could this be Patricia Tallman in the elevator in ST TNG episode "Half a Life", time index 08:19? That's season 4. Was she already working there then?

STTNG ep Half a Life - is this Patricia Tallman

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Based on the answers to this question, I would speculate not. – Xantec Mar 7 at 21:37
It doesn't look like her. – ThePopMachine Mar 7 at 21:38
Hmm, I think it looks quite a bit like her, and she's got the figure. – PkP Mar 7 at 21:40
It is not listed in her IMDB article – Lighthart Mar 7 at 21:51
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This is Cameron Oppenheimer playing Tactical Officer Ensign Kellogg. The actress actually 'stood in' for Gates McFadden on several occasions (as did Patricia Tallman due to their similar physique) which I'm assuming is why you're mistaking the two of them.

enter image description here

As far as I can tell, her only line (despite appearing in over a dozen episodes) was "Counselor?" in TNG: Eye of the Beholder

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Wow... ask and ye shall know. Thanks a million! – PkP Mar 7 at 22:50
@PkP - "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" – Valorum Mar 7 at 22:53

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