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I'm wondering if it is mentioned anywhere whether or not the Captain's yacht from the Enterprise-D (the "Calypso") is warp-capable? I understand that this is described as a large, fancy shuttlecraft, and we see in the shows that even small shuttles are warp-capable, but I'd prefer to not guess here. We can probably "safely assume" that it is warp-capable, but I'm wondering specifically if anyone has a reference in any "canon" material from the shows (including for example Okudagrams) that speaks to this? If there is nothing like that, then is there any "quasi-canon" or non-canon stuff that mentions it?

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The Calypso does not appear to have been warp capable. The Calypso's specs are not laid out in any on screen / canon source, but the closest to canon source is a trading card authored by series contributors Rick Sternbach and Michael Okuda:

enter image description here

This card makes specific mention, in descriptive text and diagram, of the vessel's impulse engines; however, no mention of warp engines is made. Further, the ship's top speed (0.65 times the speed of light) does not require warp drive.

Source: Memory Alpha

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Short answer: Yes, it was warp capable but at low speeds only.

From Memory Beta:

At 10m long, 18m wide and 8m high with two decks, the yacht had a mass of 95 metric tonnes and was unarmed. The interior featured a flight deck, two small staterooms, bunks for the flight crew a galley and access to the engine compartment. It could accomodate two flight crew and one service representative plus VIP passengers.

More importantly on that same page, are the specifications:

Maximum speed: Warp 0.65 in space, Mach 20 in atmosphere

[Edit] Thanks to @HorusKol for some more information

It seems that the quoted figure from Memory Beta may not be entirely correct. In this question, it quotes the speed as 0.65 times the speed of light, not warp 0.65.

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@amaretto AFAIK, in canon it's just mentioned, not really ever properly explored – Often Right Mar 15 at 3:43
Saw this in a related question: - it states 0.65 times the speed of light which, according to is somewhere between warp 0.5 and warp 1 (but not "warp 0.65"). – HorusKol Mar 15 at 4:06
As for warp or not - warp is a propulsion type. When Picard orders "warp speed" he's asking for the warp engines to push the ship instead of the impulse engines... so, if the yacht uses warp engines, it will be travelling "at warp" – HorusKol Mar 15 at 4:10
@HorusKol That was the conclusion I came to after my initial "Nah, couldn't be!" :D – Jane S Mar 15 at 4:14
"Unarmed" except that it had Jean Luc Effing Picard, a more formidable weapon than most battlecruisers.... – corsiKa Mar 15 at 13:54

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