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It appears that both the Galaxy Science Fiction serialization and the original novel version of Heinlein's The Puppet Masters were edited down from 96,000 words to about 60,000. According to Wikipedia, one reason for the edits was the fear that the original version was too controversial.

In 1990 after his death, an expanded edition was printed. Does anyone know which publishing company released it?

Also, are the magazine and novel edits the same?

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The uncut version is inferior. Few of the restored cuts were noticeable; the ones I did notice were better left out. For all his greatness, RAH needed an editor (IWFNE, anyone?) – Ed Plunkett Mar 15 at 17:17
I agree. Glad I kept my copy of the old version. – Organic Marble Mar 15 at 17:37
@EdPlunkett - Most people do. – rosesunhill Mar 15 at 18:07
@rosesunhill True. – Ed Plunkett Mar 15 at 18:08
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Baen reprinted the complete, uncut version on August 1, 2009. You can find their listing here:

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It was Del Rey in 1990.

Revised/restored text, apparently first published in 1990.

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