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I purchased this item for my son, I'm not a Marvel expert and can identify all the characters except the last one that is used for the letter 'L':

Image of pyjama set decorated with Marvel comics characters

I can identify Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Spider-Man, but who is the last one?

Weirdly, this character doesn't appear on the pyjama bottoms.

There is a copy of the image which can be zoomed in on the original website.

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It's the superhero archer Hawkeye.

I found this image that may have been used for the shirt.

enter image description here

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missed it by that much – NKCampbell Mar 18 at 23:16
@NKCampbell Much like Hawkeye, I have a very quick draw. – Rogue Jedi Mar 18 at 23:17
well played sir :) – NKCampbell Mar 18 at 23:17
this is what I thought but he didn't appear on the pyjama bottoms so I wasn't sure plus I don't have ready access to some vintage Marvel comics, many thanks this will appease my son's curiosity. He thought it was Ant-Man for some reason – EdChum Mar 18 at 23:18

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