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At the end of the latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War (as of March 20th), just before someone jumps in and separates Cap from his shield, Tony shouts something to signal said hero. Can anyone clarify what Tony says, and what it means?

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Underoos. Which means a funny under clothing containing pictures, graphics of cartoons character(s). There are Spider-Man printed undergarments such as in the example of Stark07's answer. I'm not sure if this counts as breaking the 4th wall. Or he was just making fun of his tight suit. – apollo Mar 21 at 8:46
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He shouts "Underoos", a reference to:

enter image description here

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How to add an image under the spoiler tag? If someone can edit I'd really appreciate the help. – Stark07 Mar 20 at 9:58
Now I’ve seen this, I can’t unhear the phrase, but before I was convinced he actually said “on the roof”. – alexwlchan Mar 20 at 13:37
@alexwlchan So was I. That's why I asked this question :-) – maguirenumber6 Mar 20 at 13:45
@sluger Prepend >! to the text on its line. Like so: >! Spiderman Underwear (obviously, it doesn't work in comments, much less inside backticks) – Kroltan Mar 20 at 15:52
How do you know it's a reference to those, and not just how Spider-Man's costume looks like underwear? – Rogue Jedi Mar 21 at 13:42

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