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I was wondering if Anakin Skywalker really is the only human who can race pods.. I find it hard to believe considering the sheer number of populated worlds. Is there any mention of any other human, Force-Sensitive or not, who can race pods? I would be okay with a Legends answer..

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In the Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic videogame there are many humans who race pods... – LcSalazar Mar 24 at 15:49
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According to the novelisation of Revenge of the Sith he wasn't the only human to ever start a race, but he was certainly the only human to successfully complete one. Note that over two-thirds of the racers in Anakin's race crashed and several died.

A few wings of droid fighters didn’t much scare a man who’d been a Podracer since he was six, and had won the Boonta Cup at nine. Who was, in fact, the only human to ever finish a Podrace, let alone win one.

Notably, this section of the book is told from the perspective of the omniscient narrator rather than Anakin's own limited view.

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This would mean that Anakin was exaggerating then when he said in Phantom Menace that he was the only human who could podrace. He hadn't finished a race yet, so he was just one of a number of humans who could start one. – Thunderforge Mar 23 at 14:50
@Thunderforge - ..or you could say that he was of the opinion that he was the only human who could successfully do it, and then proceeded to show that assessment correct. – T.E.D. Mar 23 at 15:41
Or, like so many six year olds, he thought he could do anything. Or perhaps it was some sort of force enlightenment. – Daniel Mar 23 at 21:08

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