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We see some of the characters showing up in different story lines. The setting of most if not all comics seems some medieval / fantasy world.

But do all comics actually share this same world?

This was prompted by the comic "Clumsy Fetish", which is NSFW, so I won't link to it. It does seem to take place in a slightly more modern world.

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I am so happy we have an Oglaf tag :'D – Mac Cooper Mar 25 at 15:42
Heh, I re-read it looking for modern things. I never noticed bear trap until now ;) – PTwr Mar 25 at 15:51
Given the quote from the series' creator, is there anything else you'd like to see before considering an acceptance? – Valorum Jul 1 at 15:00

Yes, probably, albeit within the constraints of the rule of funny, where things can happen outside the universe (such as the occasional worldwide sex-zombie apocalypse) without it affecting the main continuity.

Note that the creator, Bodil Bodilson consistently refers to it as the


in comments and various twits

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+1 for "various twits". – FuzzyBoots Mar 25 at 16:29
The twits confirm the existence of an Oglafverse, but not that all episodes take place in it. – SQB Jul 1 at 15:08
@sqb - Well, they can't all take place on the same world given that at least three of the episodes end with the end of the world. :-) – Valorum Jul 1 at 15:10
Well, the Oglafverse may be reset between episodes. I'm not asking if they're all canonically consistent. – SQB Jul 9 at 19:56
Fair enough. I've asked the creator for a clarification. In the absence of a further statement, I'm going to leave this one as-is. – Valorum Jul 9 at 20:12

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