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In DC Comics, The Flash has the epithet "The fastest man alive." Who is the fastest woman alive?

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Since the Flash is the fastest man alive, presumably his female counterparts are the fastest women alive in their universes. There are at least two instances of the Flash being a woman.

From this answer by Thaddeus Howze, the Flash is a woman in Superman #349 from the 1980s.

female Flash

The DC Comics Database also lists a female Flash as a resident of Earth-11.

enter image description here Picture from the wiki, which credits Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Superwoman/Batwoman #1, February 2008

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Now, if you wanted the fastest woman alive other than the Flash... I don’t know who is next on the list. – amaranth Mar 26 at 1:59
Wasn't there also the Stan Lee female Flash? – Broklynite Mar 26 at 13:45
Nice hotpants, Black Condor. You forgot your leggings. – DCShannon Mar 26 at 16:45
@Broklynite I remember a series called "Stan Lee Creates..." that had him reimagining character origins for Superman, Batman, et al. Is that the one? – Thunderforge Mar 26 at 16:54
@Thunderforge Yup, I only ever owned the Flash one, never did get the chance to read the other. – Broklynite Mar 26 at 21:23

I nominate Doralla Kon of Alkomar, introduced in Flash #145, June of 1964.

In her favor: upon arrival, in her perspective, everyone near her was completely and totally frozen, with no effort on her part. Barry Allen had to teach her how to slow down, but when she did, her presence started causing explosive reactions with bodies of water. She only returns one other time hunting a fugitive from her world.

To her detriment - this is not a power. Apparently, folks from Alkomar are just like this. She's not a superheroine, she's an astronaut who just happens to come from a dimension where things move faster.

Out of universe - it is possible this particular dimension is the precursor inspiration for the Speed Force concept introduced in the 90s.

Head Canon - I like to think this chick is the culmination of a family tree of speedsters in the Speed Force who accidentally hung out in Central City in the sixties via space time weirdness.

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Is Doralla Kon faster than the Flash? If so, then she would presumably be faster than the alternate-universe female Flashes. I don't have a problem with it not being a super-power in the same was as Flash. After all, her being fast because she is an alien on a foreign world is like Superman being strong because he's an alien on a foreign world. – Thunderforge Mar 29 at 21:59

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