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It seems likely to me that the McKay/Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge is a reference to the Macdonald-Cartier Bridge or Freeway given the similarity in name and the show's Canadian connection.

TL,DR: The Macdonald-Cartier Bridge and the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway represent connections between Ontario and Quebec (i.e. "English Canada" and "French Canada" -- I assume this was part of the inspiration for the names), not unlike the McKay/Carter Bridge is a connection between the Pegasus and Milky Way Galaxies.

Any direct evidence of this?

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Don't you go dissing the 401! :) Comparing a mere intergalactic bridge to the mighty 401! The noive I say, the noive! Why, I otta... –  geoffc Mar 21 '12 at 2:02
And this makes we want to ask if there is any Sir John A. Macdonald / Sir George-Étienne Cartier shipper fanfic out there ? (But I won't!) –  ThePopMachine Mar 21 '12 at 14:44
Any reference to actual persons, places or events is purely coincidental... –  Michael Hampton May 11 '14 at 3:07

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Impossible to know without a statement from the writers/producers (maybe on a DVD commentry).
Probably just named after the 2 lead scientists in the show with McKay getting top billing because it was introduced in Atlantis.

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