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Shaktimaan, Geeta and Ruakchins were trapped in cave of Tamaraj Kilvish. The Maha Guru came at the main time to rescue them. He sends them off using Satya Punj and faced Kilvish all by himself. In that battle, Kilvish killed him by deceit.

When Shaktimaan returned back to Himalya, he came to know about death of Maha Guru.
My Question: How did message of death reach the Suryaanshis of Himalya instantly and Shaktimaan failed to get that?

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I guess the answer lies deep within the spirituality of India. The Suryamshis are great sages, and have great mastery over the art of meditation. As such, they could somehow sense the death of Mahaguru, like we can understand when a fire has burnt out completely. This is one possible answer.

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India the land of all great warriors, sages, etc.In India the RAMAYANA & MAHABHARATA the two great epics had taken place. Sages like VISHWAMITRA, VYAS, TULSIDAS, VALMIKI, etc. had born. India is the place where yagnas, meditation, etc. had the habituality of Indian people long years back. In India Vishnu's ten avatars had been incarnated,lords like RAM,KRISHNA had been born.So, in place it is possible to know the news of MAHAGURU'S death faster than SHAKTIMAAN to the SURYANSHI'S.And SURYANSHI'S only formed SHAKTIMAAN from an ordinary man to SHAKTIMAAN.So, it is possible to get the news of MAHAGURU'S death due to sixth sense power.

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