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In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Appa was the only known living sky bison.

But in The Legend of Korra, we saw Tenzin had one: Tenzin and a sky bison

Is this Appa or was the sky bison species somehow resurrected?

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or appa might just be a girl you know. is there soild evidence of him being a boy? –  user22595 Feb 7 at 20:52
Aang refers to him as a boy repeatedly through the series. Even if Appa was a girl, asexual reproduction is very rare. –  phantom42 Feb 7 at 21:01

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At first I thought this (Tenzin's Sky Bison) was Appa

However, after some research I found this quote, on the avatar wikia:

During San Diego Comic-Con, it was revealed that Avatar Aang found a whole new herd of sky bison. The new subspecies has a few differences, for example: old bison had four transversed strips plus the last one, that lies at the end of the tail, whereas the new species has more strips that are thinner. The new bison also have brown fur on their ears instead of white.

These differences are noticeable when you compare the tail markings to Appa:

enter image description here

Tenzin's Sky Bison is called Oogi

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Per the Avatar Wiki page for Appa,

Due to Appa being a male and the implications of Appa being the last sky bison, it was speculated that the species would become extinct upon his death. However, it is mentioned that a flock of sky bison was discovered after the War.

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Sky Bison are important to the series, and they are important to Airbenders. Saying that, Appa was the only KNOWN Sky Bison, so it's obvious there were other Sky Bison at another temple, because I think they visited all but one. Or they were in the mountains near the temple.

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I think that when the series of avatar:the last air bender ended aang found a cave full of air bisons when he got older and there wasn't an episode to show him finding the bison and when the legend of Korra started there was oogi.And i just think tenzin had not found the air bison yet in the legend of Korra

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