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In Twilight which group is shown to be more powerful: Vampires or the Werewolves?

Which group had the higher number of members?

Is there any evidence to show that one is easily able to kill a member of the other group?

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Just to clarify - do you mean the shapeshifting members of the Quileute tribe or do you mean the actual werewolves (referred to as the "Children of the Moon")? (I didn't downvote - I just asked for clarification) – Donald.McLean May 3 '12 at 18:38
both of them, indeed. – user221287 May 3 '12 at 18:38
I didn't down vote but these type of questions are usually frowned upon as they could lead to any number of comparisons most of which are of no value: Could Aragorn defeat My Little Pony? – TGnat May 3 '12 at 18:46
@TGnat I think that's an unfair comparison, as this question at least covers two groups who share the same universe. That said, it is still extremely subjective as worded. "Which group has more members?" might be a good question, but "which group could kill the other group?" is not. – Beofett May 3 '12 at 18:51
@Beofett Well, at least I didn't say that there are no constructive questions about Twilight! Obligatory smile... – TGnat May 3 '12 at 19:11

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The first poster said that a lone wolf has no chance of winning. However, you must remember that Seth, a new werewolf, killed a newborn vampire, Riley, all on his own. I would say they are pretty equal. This is not to say that a lone werewolf can always win against a vampire, but it depends on the wolf.

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We have to examine the two parts of this question separately.

The "true" werewolves of the Twilight stories (aka "Children of the Moon") are discussed in very little detail. One of the Volturi was nearly killed by one and as a result, he hates them and has been hunting them down. Presumably, if a werewolf could come close to killing one of the Volturi then these werewolves are serious contenders, but without more detail it would be impossible to objectively measure their strength against the vampires.

By contrast, the Quileute Indian shapeshifters, are pack beings (not animals per se) whose sole purpose is to protect the pack against threats such as vampires. They are well equipped to fight vampires (teeth, claws, strength, speed), especially as a pack (telepathic coordination). In fact, some mechanism within the Quileute DNA or community appears to be able to anticipate dangerous conditions and "change" as many of the tribe as necessary. This is especially evident at the end of Breaking Dawn when the size of the pack had increased to 20 wolves in preparation for facing down the Volturi and their army.

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Assuming by "werewolves" you mean the Quileute tribe's "shape-shifters" (of which we know much more than true "Children of the Moon"), it seems a fairly even divide, with the advantage in a one-on-one toe-to-toe fight probably going to an experienced vampire over an experienced werewolf:

  • Werewolves can outrun vampires in a flat-out sprint.
  • Vampires seem better able to "outmaneuver" a lone werewolf close-in. The normal pack-based MO of the werewolves usually mitigates this.
  • Vampires are physically stronger than werewolves (or at least they show it off more; we never see a werewolf split a rock in two by karate-chopping it).
  • Vampires are less susceptible to injury than werewolves; only vampire teeth and werewolf teeth are a danger to a vampire in close combat, while werewolves have to watch out for punches, kicks, bear hugs, etc in addition to bites.
  • Vampires heal more quickly provided that their body parts are not fully detached and scattered; it's implied that a vampire can reattach an arm simply by holding the severed arm to its stump for a few seconds. Werewolves heal from these major injuries on a scale of hours or days, and disfiguring injuries such as dismemberment are implied to be permanent.
  • Vampire venom is poisonous to werewolves; werewolf bites don't do the same in reverse.

So, on paper, if one vampire went up against one werewolf I would generally expect the vampire to win, and this is generally borne out by the fights depicted in the books. In olden times, it took three wolves to kill the first vampire they encountered, and two of those didn't survive the battle. In the battle with that vampire's mate, Taha-Aki's son lost a close fight one-on-one, and Taha-Aki himself, who continued the fight after his son lost, required a distraction from his human wife in order to win. Seth was fighting a newborn vampire, Riley, and he had help.

The werewolves make up for this demonstrated deficiency with numbers; historically there were three wolves at any given time, enough to deal with lone nomads or even mated pairs. By the time Jacob joined the pack in New Moon there were already four of a new generation - Sam, Paul, Jared and Embry - whose latent wolves had emerged as a result of the Cullens' moving back to the area, and Victoria's continued incursions. Quil, Leah, and Seth had joined the pack by Eclipse, and a host of unnamed younger wolves had joined by the final confrontation in Breaking Dawn (something like 18 in all).

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There is a story about the children of the moon. Apparentally children of the moon werewolves have major healing factors that heal major damages a lot faster than shape shifters such as snapping bones back into place instantly and regrowing limbs almost instantly. They are immune to vampire venom in both its pain and transforming properties.Their lycanthropy venom is extremely deadly to vampires.A single bite from them can sever a vampire in half and some of them are even faster than vampires in human form.There is a Quileute legend of the "beast" which was actually a child of the moon. The beast was described to have the strength of a dozen cold ones(vampires) and the speed of 10 Quileute wolves. One child of the moon could take down a coven of vampires any day. So I would say that werewolves are more powerful.

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I believe that a werewolf of any kind, whether it's a shape-shifter or a child of the moon, could win against a vampire. Keep in mind, Seth, who had just joined the pack, killed a newborn vampire.

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I honesly think vampires are better than werewolfs. Even though werewolves are stronger, can climb better, and are one of the rare creatures that can kill vampires, vampires are faster, smarter, can jump way higher and one vampire can kill 3 werewolves.

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From what I've read, the Shape Shifters in their wolf forms are almost as strong as vampires and are on average significantly faster thanks to their quadrupedal build, but are not as resilient to damage. Since Shape Shifters are limited to one tribe in North America, I would assume that Vampires would have them outnumbered, though Vampires are separate into clans or clans as well. Often in one-on-one fights between Vampires and Shape Shifters, Vampires are more than likely to come out on top. However, not all Vampires and Shape-Shifters are equal in speed or strength and there have been instances were Vampires outran Shape Shifters and times were Shape Shifters killed Vampires on their own.

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Do you have any references you can site for this info? – Monty129 Aug 1 '13 at 9:22

Well I dont really know which wolf you're talking about, (child of the moon or shapeshifter) and the question didn't specify whether a newborn vampire or an average vampire. Either way, if it were to come to a one-on-one situation between a newborn vampire and a shapeshifter, I would say a vampire would win. because if you look at facts, an average vampire gives a shifter a hard time when fighting and a newborn has twice the speed, strenght and twice the sences of an average vampire. However if you mean children of the moon against a newborn vampire, I would say a child of the moon would win. I mean if the volturi coven is scared of children of the moon then that means all vampires should be scared of it, but that does not mean that every vampire will lose to a child of the moon. As we saw in Eclipse and New Moon, some vampires and slower than werewolves and some are faster, and some vampires are stronger than werewolves, some are weaker. But in most cases a vampire would come out on top

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I think that it depends on the fighting conditions. although vampires (I think) are stronger than werewolfs (shape shifters) the shape shifters are bigger and i think are better equiped to defend themselves were as vampires have a much better attack so all in all a vampire is proberbally going to have the uper had being able to kick bite and puch. Also a vampire can climb and do many more athletic things a werewolf cant. so proberbally a vampire would win due to escape advantge and strength

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Honestly I think a shape-shifter will win against a vampire. Yes, a vampire is stronger and Jasper had to help Quil, but Seth still killed Riley. But remember in Eclipse Paul had 3 newborns on his back but still was fighting. And in Breaking Dawn part 2 Seth died in the vision because of Jade and Felix being pussies and double-teaming him.

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Come to think between lycans and volturi which are both mentioned in twilight breakind dawn part 2 the volturi would win cause they are like vampires but to win they need to feed on either animals or humans,a lot of humans but without being bloodbuzzed the lycans could easily win.vampires=volturi and werewolf=lycans

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Just because one group is sort of similar to another, does not mean that a power/ability comparison is valid just by substituting groups. – phantom42 Jul 10 '13 at 13:34

Watching Twilight, it actually depends on who's fighting whom. Yes, a werewolf is faster on a flat out sprint thanks to their quadrupedal build; vampires are stronger. As we know, newborns are physically stronger than average vampires. As we saw in Breaking Dawn Part 2, having self control like Bella, a vampire might have the advantage. We don't see shapeshifters getting stronger as they grow older, do we? Werewolves seem to be more matured than vampires, and unlike the cold ones, seem to have better teamwork and connection, not to mention their tactical telepathy. It would seem that when they hunt they would not have to talk orally, just mentally. However, vampires seem better equipped to hunt, do athletic things, and to fight. If a wolf were to fight a vampire, the wolf would have to watch out for kicks, punches, bites, bear hugs, throws and more. Not to mention, vampires are perfect predators (voice,looks and more), so in a fight I would expect a vampire to beat a wolf. Also, wolves are mortal beings, unlike vampires, who are immortal.

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Ok so a vampire, especially a mature one, would usually have little trouble killing a lone wolf.. They are stronger, JUST as fast (I have no idea where you guys got the idea that werewolves were faster than vampires.. Stephenie Meyer stated in the twilight saga official illustrated guide that they both ran about the same speed, in excess of 100 mph, depending on the relative speed of that individual.) and actually they are much quicker, capable of moving across a room nearly instantaneously.. I mean literally, Bella moved from a laying position on a table to the opposite side of the room in "a sixty-forth of a second". And most probably most importantly, vampires are nearly indestructible.. Completely impervious to human weapons, they are comparative to superman's invincibility. The only things that can actually harm a vampire because of their extremely hard skin are other vampires- both teeth and strength- and werewolves- just their teeth. Now let's discuss a little vamp vs wolf history. After two women went missing in a tribe neighboring the quilayutes, the chief of that tribe blamed them because of their unique ability. The quilayute chief taha Aki agreed to have his sons hunt down the creature to avoid any hostility between the tribes. Six wolves went on the hunt for the creature and the journey took them so far north that the younger three were sent back to report the information. The oldest three wolves never returned. A few years later, more women disappeared from the neighboring tribe, and the three surviving wolves were again sent to hunt down the creature. This time only one wolf came back carrying a ripped apart cold, stony corpse. his two brothers were killed by the vampire- ripped apart like dolls- while he managed to defeat the already mangled vampire. They found that the pieces of the vampire started moving and trying to reconstruct themselves, and that only fire would completely destroy it. A few years later, a pale, beautiful blonde woman entered the village. The people were immediately awestruck by her excruciating beauty and came to bow down to her- coming to the obvious conclusion that she was a goddess. More than twenty people that surrounded her were immediately slaughtered. The remaining tribe tried to flee by boat, but she went after them, crushing the ships with her incredible strength like they were toys. When taha Aki realized what was going on, he phased into an ancient white muzzled wolf and began battling the cold woman. His current wife- the third wife- with whom he imprinted on knew that he would lose the fight, and that the tribe would then all be killed. She knew she could not harm the woman herself, so she picked up a knife from her dead son and ran to the cold woman's feet, stabbing herself in the heart. The flowing blood was enough to distract the woman long enough for taha Aki to rip her apart- with additional help from children who had just phased. I just summed that up from eclipse and that proves that vampires are far superior to wolves one on one. As for children of the moon, there is literally half a page at the end of breaking dawn when Edward discusses that caius- one of the leaders of the volturi- was nearly killed in a fight with one. Nearly. Meaning Caius won. They are again discussed in the twilight saga illustrated guide but the only things Stephenie points out are that they have supernatural strength when in wolf form, they resemble quillayute wolves, but move more ape like than canine, they change in response to phases of the moon, they do not move in packs, and usually travel alone or with a mate, the volturi have nearly hunted them to extinction, and that in a fight, vampires have the upper hand because they retain their rationality.

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Well it depends on the wolf, remember the shapeshifter's skin is like blazing sun into a vampire's so to the vamps it will be hard on them to touch the wolves, and let's not forget that Billy said the new generation of wolves are stronger, bigger and faster. In the movie Jacob took out the best Volturi tracker in seconds while running with Nessie on his back, so I think its a tie, depending on the wolf and the vampire.

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It depends on the shape-shifter or the vampire because the newcomer Seth killed a newborn (who are stronger than a average vampire) on his own and everybody has seen a shape-shifter rip a vampire's head off by themselves!

Back in the old days it would take a lot of wolves to kill a vampire. But now it has changed. Even in battle several times a wolf helped out a Vampire while they could have been destroyed by another vampire.

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an average vampire vs average werewolf( like Seth) would be pretty much equal. a defensively talented one like Edward would win against with someone like Paul and Jared and Jacob. but if the vampire is gifted with a power like jane's or Benjamin even sam will be out of the equation.

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