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I am trying hard to remember a movie, it was on the early Sci-Fi channel but I'm not sure if it was made by Sci-Fi (actually, I think it was a good movie). I've been searching Google and Scy-Fy but no luck. It is pretty old I think.

The story involved a man hunting for a killer and a scientist with a device for bringing the wearer back to life. I forget most of the story unfortunately but I do remember something bad happened, of course. I think the man's wife was killed by someone and this scientist knew the person. In his search for the killer the man finds the scientist, who I think actually dies pretty soon afterward, that gives the man an arm band (?) that somehow detected when the wearer died and injected them with something to bring them back to life so he could keep hunting the killer. I remember the scientist saying a line like "you must fight like someone who isn't afraid of death". Any ideas?

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The description you gave reminds me of the movie Deep Red.
The description on IMDB doesn't match yours but I believe this might be the movie you are thinking of. I'll see if I can find more and add to it.

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Wow, that was a tough one to find. Okay, I checked out the movie online. That wasn't it unfortunately. Deep Red was interesting for what was obviously a pretty low budget film. It struck me as somewhat original for that time period though. I'll keep looking for my movie. Thanks! – irtheman Aug 20 '12 at 22:21

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