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I just wanted to know this. Thank you! If this is too basic, may I ask where can I find if something is star wars canon or not?

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Start with an explanation of the levels of 'canon' status, then here is the data on Starkiller -- odds are it will give you all you are seeking.

Wookiepedia itself is not canon, but you can look at the sources on pages to see where data came from (most of the time), and the Canon article explains how the canon level is defined.

And, to make life easier, here is a simple breakdown of the canon categories you will often hear used when you ask Star Warks questions: (extracted from the Canon article above):

  • G-canon is George Lucas Canon; the six Episodes and any statements by George Lucas (including unpublished production notes from him or his production department that are never seen by the public).
  • T-canon or Television Canon refers to the canon level comprising the feature film Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the two television shows Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the Star Wars live-action TV series.
  • C-canon is Continuity Canon, consisting of all recent works (and many older works) released under the name of Star Wars: books, comics, games, cartoons, non-theatrical films, and more.
  • S-canon is Secondary Canon; the materials are available to be used or ignored as needed by current authors. This includes mostly older works, such as much of the Marvel Star Wars comics, that predate a consistent effort to maintain continuity.
  • N is Non-Canon.
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And the Ewok films? You forget the Ewok films! –  Mr Lister Nov 23 '12 at 18:00

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