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Aquaman is definatley not the same superhero I grew up watching and reading about. He seems to have undergone a change from his mild mannered full bodied self to a somewhat darker and more disturbed long haired character with a prosthetic left hand. Aquaman Wiki says some bad guy named Charybdis fed Aquaman's hand to piranha. Which comic book or animated TV episode or Movie first told the tale?

New Aquaman

Not the mild mannered Aquaman I remember.

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Aquaman made the mistake of thinking a swimming Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pig was an aquatic animal. This also explains why he flies into a rage every time reruns of Green Acres is on basic cable. –  John O Nov 25 '12 at 6:56

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It happened in Aquaman (1994 series) #2, cover date September 94.

enter image description here

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In 2001, it was displayed in Justice League animated TV episode The Enemy Below (Season 1 Episode 3). He cut off his arm by himself to save his only son (prince of Atlantis) from murder plot of his brother.

aquaman prepares to sever his hand to escape

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