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In the 2012 release movie, Ted, can Ted the teddybear die a natural death? In what aspects is the life within him different from the life within humans?

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He does appear to get older (in mindset as well as physically - his fur is less plush etc) - (speculative answer) His lifespan could be the same as John's as it was John's wish for a friend that brought him alive in the first place - making them linked together. – Robotnik Dec 5 '12 at 3:17

At the end of the film, Ted is killed by Donny and then reborn as a result of Lori's "wish upon a star"

TED: Even more than me. She’s your thunder buddy now. She’s--

Ted closes his eyes... and dies. ANGLE DIRECTLY ABOVE TED as we pull away, and it starts to rain...

According to the original script;

"Lori’s eyes widen a bit in recognition. She stares at the shooting star for a beat, then closes her eyes and makes a wish..."

enter image description here

Obviously he can "die" as a result of violence or accident although the mechanism is somewhat vague given that his "life" is a result of completely unfathomable magic in the first place.

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