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According to the Wachowski's, the Red Pill allowed the Nebuchanezzer to find Neo's body in the real world:

"[The Red Pill] is like a computer virus that’s meant to disrupt Neo’s life signal so that they can pinpoint where Neo’s body is in the power plant..." (Source)

In "Kid's Story", the titular character escapes the Matrix by sheer belief that he won't die, but how did the crew in the real world manage to find his body?

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Ship operators can see agents activity on their monitors (I think I remember Link seeing something strange and later concluding that it resembled agents presence). There may be a way to find the physical location of someone being chased by these agents. –  Khaloymes Dec 31 '12 at 7:51
@Khaloymes except your theory, there's absolutely no other way. When they freed Neo, they were looking for him already. In the kid's case, they had no way of knowing that somebody was going to self-substantiate. –  ash_k29 Jan 7 at 10:02

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I've not seen Kid's Story, but I thought, while watching The Matrix, that the "disruption" to Neo's life signal was basically just him waking up in the real-world.

Morpheus says the pill-virus disrupts Neo's IO signal, which sounds like it could disconnect him from the Matrix, and the process that Neo goes through with the silver mirror ends with him waking up. I take it that the mirror effect is him being taken out of the Matrix. Perhaps it's him connecting with his real body for the first time.

People waking up can't be a very common occurrence, but the system will have to be able to handle it. A body that is to be removed from the power plant but that isn't dead is surely going to be relatively easy to trace as it will be flagged up for special disposal (at least, that's how I took it as he wasn't taken away to Resyk to be turned into food).

The awkward part of this is that they use equipment within the Matrix to trace Neo's location, and it seems that the equipment set up is not trivial, so they must have been looking for something when the Kid woke, which is an impressive coincidence, but probably less of a coincidence than them just stumbling across him floating about after being ejected.

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Huh. So the red pill wakes him up, and the waking up allows him to be pin-pointed? –  Django Reinhardt Jul 1 '13 at 12:34
I went back and watched the scene again and I think my answer relies too much on a huge coincidence. –  Alan Jul 2 '13 at 10:16
It seems more like it allowed them to pinpoint which sewer outflow Neo would be ejected from based upon his original location in the grid. –  horatio Jul 2 '13 at 17:06

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