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We have seen that the use of "Avada Kedavra" produces a green flash and a dead body. When Voldemort comes to Godric's Hollow, he kills James and Lily, whose bodies are now buried in the church graveyard, and attempts to kill Harry. Of course, the curse rebounds back to Voldemort, 'killing' him. Many years later, Voldemort and Peter recreate a body for Voldemort.

Is there anything, anywhere that says what might have happened to the Voldemort's original body/corpse?

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possible duplicate of Voldemort's physical presence pre-Goblet of Fire –  DVK Jan 10 '13 at 14:45
@DVK that question doesn't address the question here, namely "what happened to the body?". The only mention of that is "his body was destroyed or at least killed," which explicitly avoids this question. –  Kevin Jan 10 '13 at 14:54

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JKR never elaborated on what happened to the corpse, in the books, or any of the interviews based on my searches (admittedly, I didn't check Pottermore).

All we know was that the body was dead, and never mentioned again:

"...Nevertheless, I was as powerless as the weakest creature alive, and without the means to help myself...for I had no body, and every spell that might have helped me required the use of a wand. . . ." (GoF)

There are plenty of fan theories, but none of them have canon confirmation.

The three most popular options are:

  • It was destroyed in the blast that destroyed Potters' home

  • It was found by the Ministry and somehow disposed of (circumstantial evidence of this option is that people celebrated Voldemort's death the next day - and they had to SOMEHOW have known that he was killed, eh? I doubt they would have simply announced his death on a random guess without seeing the body, and there were no living witnesses of the death aside from Harry Potter and in-hiding-assumed-dead-Peter-Pettigrew).

  • Wormtail took care of it (hidden, buried or vanished), at the same time he retrieved Voldemort's wand. (This one seems unlikely, as taking care of a body would require time he didn't have, especially if in a disguise of a rat).

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Here's a good write-up: angelfire.com/rpg/towerhp/fma_voldemort.html –  DVK Jan 10 '13 at 15:38
Thanks! That link gives me the best answer yet! –  Jim Green Jan 11 '13 at 13:12

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