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I believe it was a series or maybe a film set in present or near future.
I remember that one character invented a true 3d holographic TV. At the demonstration he was seemingly murdered by a (samurai?/ninja?) assassin, who was later revealed as a hologram.
Another thing I remember, is that a (I think blind) character gouges the eyes of another character (possibly one who blinded him).

I most definitely saw it in the 1990s.

Wikipedia's list of holograms in fiction returns nothing, tvtropes likewise (including the eyescream subpage)

this has been bugging me for ages...

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Thank you for the edit. I am a messy writer when I have little time:) – A.D Jan 13 '13 at 23:29
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searching the internet sure can lead you to strange places. and when I saw a picture of a woman with a strange palm tattoo on her back a strange deja vu came over me. so I went digging a bit and found this: WILD PALMS

it is most definitely what I was looking for.

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