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It strikes me as kind of odd that ID4 (Independence Day) never had any sequels, as by most accounts it was a great financial success and at least a moderate critical success.

Was there ever any other information about the aliens from ID4 released?

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  • UPDATE: As of now (2013), the rumors are that there will be an ID4:2 sequel, sans Will Smith but with Pullman/Goldblum. Since it won't be out till 2015, we don't yet know how canonical it will be.

  • First of all, there was a tie-in novel/novelization. It did offer more information/details than the movie.

  • There was a prequel book about Dr. Okun (Independence Day: Silent Zone)

  • The same author who wrote a prequel had written a midquel/sequel novel Independence Day: War in the Desert

  • There was also a computer game. It probably (like all games) had some extra details/backstory but I'm not aware of anything earth-shattering it added information-wise to the franchise

  • As far as sequels:

    Wiki says:

    The possibility of a sequel had long been discussed, and Devlin once stated the world's reaction to the September 11 attacks influenced him to strongly consider making a sequel to the film. Devlin began writing an outline for a script with Emmerich, but in May 2004, Emmerich said he and Devlin had attempted to "figure out a way how to continue the story", but that this ultimately did not work, and the pair abandoned the idea.

    In October 2009, Emmerich said he once again had plans for a sequel, and has since considered the idea of making two sequels to form a trilogy.

    Also, further info not yet on the Wiki:

    "Independence Day 2 is nowhere. It’s back and forth, back and forth. There’s no script because I don’t want to write anything before anything starts," said Emmerich, although he did confirm the following, "One day it will happen."

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Personally, I want to see the sequel called "Vindication Day" and show the rest of the alien fleet showing up at Earth 30 years later... only to find that the humans have adapted the alien technology from the first movie and now use hybrid fighters & weapons. And not only are the humans prepared this time... they're mad. –  Omegacron Nov 20 '14 at 22:28
@Omegacron - that's called "Ender's Game". –  DVK Nov 20 '14 at 22:58

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