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I read The Name of the Wind a few years ago and was grumpy to find out that the following two books had not been published. The second book has finally come out, and I want to know if anyone knows when the third book will be released. The author's site claims that book 2 and 3 were written a while ago and just needed to go through some editing.

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At his reading of Wise Man's fear in Boston last winter, he answered that specific question by saying he really had neglected his wife and baby while he rushed to try and finish book 2 by it's deadline. As a result, he said he will take his time to write book three.

He did not say any certain time frame.

Hope this helps!

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He has other family issues that he's dealing with now, too, which he's prioritizing:… – Melita Kennedy Nov 17 '11 at 10:00

I went to a book signing for the Wise Man's Fear, at Borderlands in San Francisco and this question came up.

The authoritative answer for this from Patrick Rothfuss himself was, and I quote, "One huNDRED years!"

He doesn't want to give a close deadline that can be missed, I would guess a couple of years though.

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Can you put the link you got the quote from? – AJL Sep 30 '15 at 0:23

Actually, he says in an interview which followed The Name of the Wind that he had both sequels already written and was planning to publish in a regular sequence. In the interview he speaks of "one per year". Given that The Wise Man's Fear was published almost 4 years after the first book though, it's anyone's guess how soon the final installment will hit the shelves (and how much editing he is still planning to do).

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I don't think that's quite accurate: He wrote 3 books about Kvothe which are "finished" but he's rewriting them for publication. One thing in particular I remember is that Denna was not in the original. So it may be closer to the mark to say he's got very extensive notes. – Ben Jackson May 20 '12 at 18:32

He states that he likes to take a lot of time to edit and that his fans understand that. Given that, I do know that #2 won't be in paperback until next year, so maybe around then? It would not surprise me if he times it out like that.

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According to Goodreads, King Killer Volume Three: The Doors of Stone will be released on 5/1/13.

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Goodreads also says 5/1/2025. I suspect the real pub date will be between those dates. – sjl May 20 '12 at 1:12

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