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The Battle Room is near-zero gravity environment where war games are conducted. Inside the area are large obstacles called "stars." Soldiers use these stars as cover, and also for launching off of. Disabled soldiers will also collide with the stars.

Shouldn't the stars start drifting after a few collisions?

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The Wiki speculates that stars are held in place magnetically.

I don't believe it is ever specifically stated, but I believe that the stars are most likely held in place by the same technology that allows the Commander's Hooks to function.

The Hooks allow the army commander to move freely throughout the Battle Room during practices, and also allows the commander to unfreeze the suits of his army members during practice.

The Hooks do not function during actual Battles, so the school administrators clearly have quite a bit of control over the technology.

In the movie, Graff is shown using using his Hook to move the students, bringing them from various free-floating positions within the zero-gravity area, to a formation hovering in front of him.

It isn't much of a stretch to imagine more powerful versions being used to position the stars, and then to hold them in place during a Battle.

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The end of the first book indicates that the International Fleet salvaged and reverse engineered the technology for artificial gravity - and that the battle room(s) were a direct result of that technology. It can be inferred that the way stars are placed in the battle room is due to this technology.

However, exactly how artificial gravity works in the Enderverse is not something that I've come across in the books I've read.

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I don't know if there's an explanation or not, but I do know that artificial gravity was one of the technologies obtained from the buggers, which, like the ansible, the humans may have been using without entirely understanding themselves. – Tomari7 Jan 20 '14 at 10:28

The text specifically states that Ender has worked out that the Fleet have the ability to control gravity. Graff later states that this technology was reverse-engineered from the buggers.

[Eros] was the treasure trove. If they had known we would win that first war, they probably' would never have built this place. We learned gravity manipulation because they enhanced the gravity here.

The Hook, the Stars and even the battle arena couldn't function without this technology.

In keeping with the neo-fascist government depicted in the book, the secret of gravity manipulation (and even the fact that it's possible) has been kept secret from the general population;

They never tell you any more truth than they have to. But any kid with brains knows that there've been some changes in science since the days of old Mazer Rackham and the Victorious Fleet. Obviously we can now control gravity. Turn it on and off, change the direction, maybe reflect it-- I've thought of lots of neat things you could do with gravity weapons and gravity drives on starships. And think how starships could move near planets. Maybe tear big chunks out of them by reflecting the planet's own gravity back on itself, only from another direction, and focused down to a smaller point. But they say nothing.”

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