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Does the average citizen of the Empire know that Stormtroopers are clones? Secondarily, does this effect their attitudes towards them in any way?

In terms of timeframe, let's consider the entire lifespan of the Empire, from its birth in Episode III through its end in VI.

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I'd point out that Ep VI wasn't really the "end" of the Empire, though it was the beginning of the end. But if you don't follow the EU, then for all practical purposes it was the end –  SSumner Jan 7 '14 at 16:55
The clone troops were clones. By IV, most or all StormTroopers were real people. –  Kevin Jan 7 '14 at 17:01
Well, the war was called "The Clone War". –  phantom42 Jan 7 '14 at 17:08
Stupid Monday Morning Brain. Opened the bounty on the wrong question. –  phantom42 Nov 10 '14 at 14:04

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Logic would state that yes, the average citizen knew that many stormtroopers were* clones.

*Exactly what percentage of current Stormtroopers were clones after The Empire was officially formed is up for discussion.

Consider the fact that there was a huge conflict actually called "The Clone War".

Dubbed this by Yoda at the Battle of Geonosis,

"Victory? Victory, you say? Master Obi-Wan, not victory. The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun, the Clone War has." -Yoda

Wookieepedia elaborates:

The war was named after the clone troopers utilized by the Republic against the battle droid forces of the Separatists. These armies, the Grand Army of the Republic and the Separatist Droid Army, were two of the largest ever pitted against each other in galactic history, and the fighting between them rapidly spread to countless inhabited worlds.

This was not some small skirmish in a remote area. It spanned across the galaxy. Those who were not involved were surely at least aware of it. Even if one was not aware of the specifics of the war, the name of it is sort of a dead giveaway that clones are somehow involved.

That's well and good, but what about 20 years later? Even The Force has largely faded into obscurity.

Even Luke, who lives on the planet furthest away from the bright center of the universe, knows of The Clone Wars.

From the script:

BEN: That's what your uncle told you. He didn't hold with your father's ideals. Thought he should have stayed here and not gotten involved.

LUKE: You fought in the Clone Wars?

BEN: Yes, I was once a Jedi Knight the same as your father.

So, sticking with G-Canon - while not 100% positively affirming it, there is enough evidence to fairly assume that the average citizen knew that Stormtroopers were clones.

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The stormtroopers are not clones but are instead volunteers, at least as of the events in Star Wars Rebels (which occur 5 years before the events of Episode IV). It is not yet clear at what date the Empire started recruiting volunteers.

This has been confirmed by Pablo Hidalgo of the Lucasfilm Story Group in charge of canon. The explanation given is that the production of clones has been phased out, and since the clones age at twice the rate of normal humans* they are too old to serve as stormtroopers. They have been replaced with non-clone volunteers who are patriotic and loyal to the Empire. Video evidence can be found on Youtube (starting at about 2:56 into the video).

Since the clones are recruited from volunteers it would also be widely known that the stormtroopers are not clones.

*The clones' age acceleration is not new, but it was not known (outside of Legends) whether production continued after the Clone Wars or not.

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