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In Captain America: The First Avenger movie, when Steve Rogers wasn't Captain America, he looked tiny (if you have better word, please replace) but the same. Was this role also played by Chris Evans with help of computers? Or, there's a doppelganger actor who played that role?

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Yes. They used digital effects to shrink Chris Evans so that he looked like a wimp.

There is an extensive write-up about the details of how it was done (with pictures) on fxguide.

For illustration, here's one of the pictures from the link of him in the original plate:

enter image description here

And after the digital shrinking effects:

enter image description here

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I love how Stanley Tucci is looking down at where they will digitally shrink Chris Evans to, instead of looking him in the eye and having to adjust his head posture in post as well. Just another testament to how wonderful he was in that movie. –  Monty129 Jan 30 at 18:21
That's why I like Stanley Tucci too. Also he was funny in other films. –  user973810 Jan 30 at 22:15
And despicable in "the lovely bones" –  jsedano Jan 30 at 22:17
I like to think Tucci asked how he was meant to act as if Rogers is smaller, and Joe Johnston said “Darling, just stare at his nips.” –  Paul D. Waite Apr 1 at 15:40
Thanks for clearing this up for me... I wasn't sure how they transformed tiny Chris to the muscular "Captain America.... –  Peg Oct 13 at 0:22

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