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I saw this episode a long time ago, and I can't locate it from the episode guide descriptions.

I remember that there was this erie noise, and Data was able to distinguish all the sounds as being the simultaneous voices of everyone aboard...

Does anyone know what season/episode this was from?


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That was Cause and Effect.

The ship has been stuck in a time loop, and the crew's voices from previous iterations are audible.

It's actually Dr. Crusher who first hears the voices; Data determines what they are.

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The episode is "Cause and Effect" (Season 5 episode 18). The episode was directed by Jonathan Frakes (AKA Cmdr Riker) and guest-starred Kelsey Grammer as Captain Morgan Bateson

Morgan Bateson

"The destruction of the Enterprise near a distortion in the space-time continuum causes a temporal causality loop to form, trapping the ship and crew in time and forcing them to relive the events that led to their deaths"

The voices themselves are describes as "echoes" from previous time loops.

CRUSHER: Can we isolate the voices? Find out what they're saying?

DATA: Computer, continuous playback please [he pauses] There are approximately one thousand voices overlapping. The voices are those of the Enterprise crew. Our voices.

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