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I hope that you can help me. Around 10 + years ago my wife and I were staying at Bernardus Lodge in CA. Every night 3 or 4 very small booklets would be delivered to our room. One of the booklets contained a very short story written by one of the “big guys of science fiction” . The story has haunted me for years and I would love to re-read it. The story line is as follows:

Two beings who started out as possible humans who evolved (over billions of years) into some sort of energy with unbelievable powers ended up on earth and were making a human out of clay- just prior to it being completed one of the energy “beings” smashed the clay so that it wouldn't become man. I never have forgotten this story and I would only love to read it again and again.

The story was maybe 3 pages long – hope that you can help me.

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That is "Eyes Do More Than See" by Isaac Asimov, originally written for Playboy, but rejected and so published in F&SF in 1965.

Fantasy and Science Fiction - April 1965

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Complete version available here; – Valorum Feb 3 '14 at 21:54
Paper? Like they use in the toilet? – Valorum Feb 4 '14 at 9:13

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