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Years and years ago I read a short story that described a remote, barely-habitable planet that suffered from nearly constant hurricanes across an almost planet-wide ocean. The premise is that researchers have a colony there, and are testing ways to stop hurricanes in their tracks; this includes detonating a nuclear device in the eye of the storm. Who wrote this and what is it called?

Any chance I could also get a list of collections it had appeared in? I'm trying to track down several other stories.

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Year's Best SF Cover Analog Cover

Could be "Eyewall" by Rick Shelley.

Here's an overview:

A category 5 hurricane leaves 20,000 dead in Florida and a million homeless. A hurricane study group must bow to political pressure. Instead of pure science research, they are supposed to conduct experiments using explosives (including nuclear) to disrupt the eye of a hurricane to get it to dissipate.

This section from another review has some of the plot points you've mentioned:

They travel to Trident, a water covered world where hurricanes are not only a daily occurrence but they also reach size and power unheard of.

The story has appeared in many publications (click the link for a list) including "The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Ninth Annual Collection" and "Analog Science Fiction and Fact: January 1991" (covers posted above). Read a preview here.

~ Reviews edited from and Rat’s Reading Blog

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That's definitely it. I had a copy of the ninth annual year's best collection and the rest of the stories in the list match up with what I was looking for. Thanks! – egid Feb 5 '14 at 4:48

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