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In the beginning of the movie, the funding for the Jaeger program is being cancelled, because they aren't good enough. Pentecost however, says he doesn't need his financiers, he's going to go on anyway.

So where does he get the money? From his own purse? Is he really that rich?

I know, usually finances don't really play that great a role in this kind of movie. But in this scene, they make it very clear that withdrawing all the funding will effectively bring the program to a halt, and Pentecost's reaction of "no it won't" made me wonder.

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300ft aliens beating giant robots to death and you're worried about whether they're using double-entry bookkeeping? –  Richard Feb 15 at 18:22
Ah... that's how they did it. –  Mr Lister Feb 15 at 18:28
Kickstarter, clearly. –  DVK Feb 15 at 23:11
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The Pacific Rim Wikia suggests that the program's application for renewed funding was rejected, but that they still have eight months on the clock. The events of the movie took place within that time period.

By 2025, the unprecedented number of attacks from the Kaiju in 2024 diminished the forces of the Jaeger Program. With no hope in the program, the United Nations begin to shut down all but one of the Shatterdomes and retire PPDC personnel. Stacker pleads with the United Nations representatives for more time to plan a final assault against the breach with everything they have. They deny his request and give him eight months of funding to finish the rest of his service in Hong Kong. Frustrated, Stacker decides to proceed with his plan without the UN's help and heads for the Anti-Kaiju Wall to find Raleigh, who disappeared four years earlier after his dismissal from the Jaeger Program following Knifehead's defeat.[5][4]

And on another page:

When twenty six Jaegers were destroyed, seven Shatterdomes were closed and funding was reallocated to the construction of the Anti-Kaiju Wall.[1] However, PPDC Marshall Stacker Pentecost was given eight months of funding in order to keep the Hong Kong Shatterdome operational.

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However, I haven't personally seen the movie so I could be missing a nuance or fact. –  Lightness Races in Orbit Feb 15 at 17:14
That's OK; they didn't make it very clear in the movie anyway that funding would continue for 8 months. –  Mr Lister Feb 15 at 17:51
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