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Luke: She's rich.

Han Solo: [interested] Rich?

Luke: Rich, powerful. Listen, if you were to rescue her, the reward would be...

Han Solo: What?

Luke: Well, more wealth than you can imagine!

Han Solo: I don't know, I can imagine quite a bit.

Aaaand... the cynical, hard-bitten, seen-all-sorts-of-treachery, experienced smuggler Han Solo conveniently fails to notice that Princess of just-blown-to-bits Alderaan is no longer is powerful or rich, being that her "fiefdom" got destroyed and the Rebellion is dirt poor (which he knows quite well, after his ex-gf swindled him and his smuggler buddies out of money to fund that same Rebellion).

Is there any canon explanation for why he got conned by a naif farmer kid?

An obvious explanation could be that he didn't know Leia was a princess of Alderaan... but she wasn't a nobody Princess Vespa - she was an Imperial Senator.

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He used The Force? (Latent abilities?) –  DaveNay Feb 22 at 14:32
I can't possibly imagine that in a galaxy-spanning society - especially one where her home would be a likely target of Imperial lockdown, that she - or anyone with half a brain would keep all of her assets in one place or even on one planet. Just because her planet was blown up, doesn't mean she wouldn't have credits either in off-world accounts or hidden elsewhere. –  phantom42 Feb 22 at 14:35
@phantom42 - FYI - based on everything we know of C-canon, she (unlike some other Alderaanian exiles) really was pretty poor. Whether Han knew that during ANH is a different story –  DVK Feb 22 at 14:43
@DaveNay - interesting guess... but is there canon support for that? –  DVK Feb 22 at 14:45
What con? She's just inherited a gazillion space dollars from her dead relatives. .. –  Richard Feb 22 at 14:49
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2 Answers

How is it a con? The situation played out exactly as described: they rescued the princess, and Han got a handsome payoff (we see him loading boxes of cash as he prepares to leave Yavin).

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Because Luke had absolutely no idea whether Leia was really rich and powerful when he was talking to Han. Also, Han was paid out of Alliance funds, NOT by Leia. –  DVK Feb 22 at 16:32
I agree with this. Even if he knew her home planet had been destroyed, it was hardly likely that Princess (and Senator) Leia was penniless. –  Richard Feb 22 at 16:34
@Richard - Luke didn't have a clue she was a Senator. –  DVK Feb 22 at 18:12
@DVK - Perhaps the midichlorians told him... –  Richard Feb 22 at 18:21
Not sure why it matters she is a Senator when she is already a princess - and that is right there in the title. And even if Leia was penniless, royalty does not exist in a vacuum - having potentially the last, or one of the last remaining Alderaan nobles on your starship is going to be worth something. If Leia couldn't pay him, a guy with Han's connections could find someone who would (in exchange for Leia herself). Luke would really only be conning Han if Leia wasn't a princess. –  joshbirk Feb 22 at 18:29
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Han didn't get conned by a naif farmer kid. He got persuaded by a powerful force-sensitive who honestly believed what he was saying, with whom he was already in cahoots.

  1. Luke wasn't trying to con, he was offering a sincere argument. Being cynical and hard-bitten, Han would know how to tell the difference between the two.
  2. Luke's father was astonishingly powerful, and having some amount of the same predisposition to the force is the only explanation for how Luke ever managed to best Vader at all. That surely helped in the persuasion, just as it helped him nail womp-rats back home.
  3. The hardest part IRL of pulling a con is putting on a convincing demeanor, and suppressing all of the subconcious ways your mind betrays the fact that you're lying. Luke didn't have to do that, which gives him a leg up in being believed by Han.
  4. Considering that by the time of this conversation they were already in the Death Star, it wasn't a large risk to go to a different highly-secured part of the highly-secured military installation they were already in. Not being next to their ship for a bit would also likely help avoid the imperial patrols.
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If that word pops up more, I'll really have to look it up. (I thought it was a misspelling at first.) –  Mr Lister Feb 23 at 10:33
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