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In the Harry Potter universe, we obviously know of House-elves. They have their own brand of powerful magic etc.

In general I love the thought of Elves as beings, ergo:

Is there any mention of other types of Elves in the Harry-Potter universe

I ask this as Dobby, Winky and Kreacher are specifically called House-Elves.

Could there be Wood-Elves, Night-Elves etc?

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Genuinely there could be, but it has never been said in canon. Rowling has never said there isn't but she's given no inclination that there is, either. There's nothing about it in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them or in any Harry Potter book. The House-elves resemble Brownies or Domovoi or all number of mythical beings: the use of the word elf is more akin to little people than Tolkien-esque elves.

Their magic is perfect for cleaning and running errands (apparation where it is magically blocked would allow them to run errands for their masters) and they are called house-elves. I have often wondered if they aren't natural, and were in fact bred by wizards as a slave race. If this is true, for example, (and this last bit is purely speculation on my part) then it would make sense that there's no other type of elf. This second paragraph is not supported by canon though, just something to think about.

To summarise, Rowling has never given any inclination of there being any other form of elf, nor would such elves fit the setting nor her use of the term; but on the other hand, she hasn't explicitly said that there are no other forms of elf.

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+1 for "Domovoi". I wouldn't be surprised if that's where JKR got the name inspiration - for those not fluent in Russian, they are magical beings somewhat similar to house-elves aside from being associated with a dwelling and not a House of SomePurebloods. Their name literally translates as "of the house". – DVK-in-exile Feb 27 '14 at 2:14

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