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In the end of the last episode of The Vampire Diaries, there was a text:

In Loving Memory of

1986 – 2014

I googled only to find she was a crew of TVD team. What was her job position?

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It has been reported that Sarah Jones was a camera assistant.

This matches up with her activities when she was struck by a train and the Slates For Sarah campaign that has emerged from the tragedy (camera assistants are often the ones who "clap" the slates when cameras begin rolling).

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She worked on the Vampire Diaries as a 2nd Unit Cinematographer (and slate operator) and recently died in a train accident when filming "Midnight Rider"

Sarah Jones - Vampire Diaries

According to the Entertainmentwise website;

"An investigation into the death of Sarah Jones, an Atlanta-based second assistant camera operator, is reportedly taking place following her death on February 20 after a train struck her during production for the Gregg Allman biopic Midnight Rider.

Jones was at work on the first day of production for the big screen biopic last week when the accident occured. TheWrap report that the 27-year-old was killed when a train smashed into a bed the crew had placed on a trestle for a dream sequence they were shooting. Several other crew members as well as some cast managed to escape unhurt, while others were injured by flying debris and taken to hospital"

enter image description here

The Vampire Diaries crew have decided to take part in the #SlatesForSarah campaign which was set up on Twitter by Jones' family and friends after her death.

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