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A number of times in the Game of Thrones television series, what appears to be an eyelid drops over the scene and a blinking sound is played.

Who is blinking, or what are these anomalies?

My personal (and unfounded) theory is that the viewpoint is that the viewer sees the intro sequence from the viewpoint of a flying dragon, and this is the dragon blinking. Is there any evidence to support any valid conclusions?

I apologize if this anwer later becomes obvious. My knowledge is quite limited: I have only just begun watching the TV series (near the end of season one), and I have not read the books.

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No, it's nothing mythological, but merely a retro-tech gimmick in tune with the steam punk style of the intro:

The visual effect simulates the changing between lenses of different focal lengths using a turret, which was used up until the 1960s or so, when zoom lenses were developed. Of course, back then the lens change would usually be edited out.

The setup looks like this:

enter image description here

This becomes obvious when you look at the individual frames:

You can clearly see that you're looking through one lens being rotated away towards the top and another taking its place from below, rather than through an eye with lids that close and open. Also note that King's Landing is much bigger in the last frame compared to the first, which is what you'd get when changing to a lens with a longer focal length.

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I always thought those were the rings of the central "sun" swooshing by, or at least another part of the mechanism. Note that it happens a second time while zooming out after showing the wall, but it doesn't happen again when zooming in on Pentos etc.. So if it is really a lense, it's a bit inconsistent :-) – jdm Apr 1 '14 at 9:19
A Myrish lens, to keep it in-universe, as it were. :) – TLP Apr 1 '14 at 12:38

Per this answer on movies SE; It's a lens, clicking into place. As each lens is progressively added, we're able to view the cities in more detail.

I've also found this interview with one of the original 3D artists for GoT. He's using a fake (reddit) handle so the provenance is slightly wobbly but there's nothing in what he says that seems to contradict any known facts;

Interviewer : At some point in the intro, the camera is enveloped by some blades that flash for a second and make a metalic sound. What's going on there?

PH : This is supposed to be like a camera lens change. Imagine a contraption on the camera that has 3 different different lenses attached to it, and it flips so the next lens is in front of the camera.

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