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Came up with something that was on Wikia but not very well sourced while researching my last answer.

In Order of Phoenix, Ch. 38, The Second War Begins, they read "Sunday Prophet".

Harry was sitting on the end of Ron's bed and they were both listening to Hermione read the front page of the Sunday Prophet.

Wikia says that it's an edition of Daily Prophet, like Evening Prophet is.

But their only proof - very weak one IMHO - is that there is a Daily Prophet example published on Sunday - specifically, 4/13/2014 - Ginny Weasley Quidditch report "Norway vs Ivory Coast". However, that link doesn't actually say "Sunday Prophet" anywhere on it!

Is there an actual solid canon proof that Sunday Prophet is an edition of The Daily Prophet aside from this "not called Sunday Prophet" example and a mere fact that they are both called "Prophet" (which is evidence, but there's 1000s of Muggle newspapers called "News" or "Post" so it's not exactly proof).

Notably, Pottermore's Daily Prophet article mentions Evening Prophet but NOT Sunday.

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The Sunday Prophet is the "Sunday Edition" of the Daily Prophet.

The Daily Prophet office on the old Pottermore website contained various editions of the Daily Prophet that were available for viewing.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the paper on the right is the "Daily Prophet" whereas the paper on the left is clearly marked as the "Sunday Prophet".

enter image description here

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